Free Product Video Maker by CreatorKit for Brands to Create Marketing Videos

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CreatorKit has launched a free 1 click video editor that you can use to generate marketing videos on the fly. All you have to do is give it the URL of your eCommerce websites. It automatically grabs the brand logo and website link from the supplied URL and also extracts the product information along with some other vital information. It generates multiple variations of the final video then you can further edit and then export them easily without any watermarks.

In the free plan of this video editor, it asks for your email address to send them rendered videos. Before downloading or exporting a video, you can play it and change the color palette if you want to. The marketing videos that this website generates can be used for Instagram or Facebook ads and social media stories. The videos that this website generates are interactive and will definitely help you drive more sales to your products.

See the example video that I generated using this video editor by CreatorKit. For now, there is no sign up or registration. You just reach the editor, submit the link to the website. and it will automatically generate the marketing videos.

Free Product Video Editor by CreatorKit for Brands to Create Marketing Videos:

You can reach the main website of CreatorKit here. The very first thing you have to do is enter the URL of the website for which you want to generate the marketing videos. So, enter the URL of the website and then give it a few seconds.

CreatorKit Enter URL

Now, it will process the URL and will grab a few products and will show them to you. For faster results, use the Shopify website. Personally, I noticed that if I use it on different eCommerce platforms then it takes some time to grab logo and URL. See the screenshot below.

CreatorKit Generate Video

It generates videos for different products and in different variations. It uses different templates to show those videos and you can also further edit them if you want to. But if you choose to open them in the editor then you will have to create an account here. So, just download the video in the same template in which it generates them.

Download Videos

It will send you the rendered video to your email. From there, you can simply download it and use it anywhere you like. This is as simple as that.

CreatorKit Download Videos

In this way, you can use this website to generate videos for social media marketing on the fly. All it takes is a URL and generates multiple videos. You can use it on any eCommerce website and see its magic.

Final thoughts:

If you are in social media marketing like line of work then this video generator tool of CreatorKit will help you. All you have to do is use this website and generate different video templates in one go. Even though it doesn’t allow modifications without signing up, I will say the videos that it generates are very nice and can be used in social media campaigns or as stories.

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