4 Free Online LaTeX Viewer Websites

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Here are 4 free online LaTeX viewer websites. You can enter LaTeX document (*.tex) directly from PC or copy its input content or code and then see the output of that particular document. All of these websites are actually LaTeX editors. That means, apart from viewing the LaTeX file, you can do some necessary changes and see how the output looks by compiling the input code. When the output is ready, you can copy the code and save it as LaTeX file manually.

These online LaTeX viewers also come with many other important and unique options. For example, you can save the output as LaTeX file directly or PDF file, create unlimited public projects, collaborate with another person to edit LaTeX document, switch from light to dark theme for input code, and more.

Let’s check all these online LaTeX viewers one by one.


Overleaf- interface

Overleaf is one of my favorite LaTeX viewer and editor websites. Its free plan has pretty good features because of which it has easily reserved its place on this list. The free plan gives 100 MB storage (that can be extended up to 1 GB with referrals and other tasks) to store LaTeX documents, create unlimited private projects and collaborators, up to 60 files per project, view and restore revision history, compare and view tracked changes, use different editor themes, auto complete, etc.

The interface of this online LaTeX editor is also good. Like all other websites added to this list, you can view input content on the left part and see the output on the right part. The best part is it automatically refreshes the output. Thus, you don’t have to compile the LaTeX code again and again after doing the changes.

When the output is ready, you can download it as PDF or right-click on output preview and save it as a PNG image.


ShareLaTeX- interface

ShareLaTeX is a handy online LaTeX viewer which also lets you collaboratively edit a LaTeX document. In its free version, you can create one project and add different LaTeX documents to view and edit it. The free plan also lets you add one collaborator to edit the document and chat with that collaborator.

Its interface has two sections. The left section shows input content of LaTeX document and the right section helps you preview the output after pressing the Recompile button. When the output is good, you can download it as PDF document. An option to download the source of LaTeX document in zip file is also available.

Other than these features, it lets you check word count for input document, copy your project, change compiler (LaTeX, pdfLaTeX, XeLaTeX, and LuaLaTeX), enable/disable autocomplete, use different themes, etc.

The free plan is quite helpful to view LaTeX document as well as edit it. So, this is definitely a handy choice.

Here is its full review.

LaTeX Base

LaTeX Base- interface

LaTeX Base is another interesting online LaTeX viewer which provides features similar ShareLaTeX website. It lets you create a new LaTeX document, upload LaTeX document from PC, edit it and preview it side by side. The preview is visible with a very short delay but the website is handy enough to see the output of input LaTeX document.

The free without sign up plan of this online LaTeX viewer also gives many other important features. For example, you can save the output as both PDF and LaTeX file together in a zip archive, share the link to your LaTeX document and let others view it, switch to dark and light themes for the input document, enable autocomplete, etc.


Papeeria- interface

Papeeria is a very good competitor to rest of the online LaTeX viewers added here. It also helps you edit a LaTeX document, which makes it fantastic. The free plan lets you create unlimited public projects, unlimited collaborators per project, one private project, etc. You can also add your public Git repository and sync it.

The interface of this online LaTeX viewer is simple. You can upload a LaTeX file from PC, add URL to an online LaTeX document, or create a new LaTeX document. Add the document and it is visible on the left part. Edit it and then compile it to preview the output on the right part. You can also change compile engine (pdflatex, xelatex, and lualatex) to view the output. When the output is ready, right-click on it and then you can save it as PDF file to your PC.

Some other features like search for a particular text, enable spell-check, word wrap, set font size for input content, are also available to use. So, in terms of features, this online LaTeX viewer and editor is awesome.

The Conclusion:

For viewing a LaTeX document online, all these websites are simply best. However, for editing a LaTeX document and to avail the benefit of other features, I find “Overleaf” website better. Its features to create unlimited private projects, add unlimited collaborators, restore revision history, etc., are just awesome. Try these online LaTeX document viewers and share your experience.

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