Check How Long it Will Take for You to Read a Particular Book

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How Long to Read is a fantastic website to check how much time it will actually take you to read a particular book. It provides a straight-forward method to know the answer. You can first search for a book and then it provides a text snippet (or reading sample) of that particular book.

You need to start the timer and read that sample in your natural reading speed. When you are done with reading the text sample, stop the timer. After this, it automatically calculates the total estimated time it will take you to read that book. Well, I guess it’s really interesting for avid readers as before starting a book, they can know how much time will it take them to finish it.

read the sample paragraph to find out your reading time

The screenshot above shows the reading sample of a book and timer button. Even though this website is pretty good in what it does, but I guess it would take more than the estimated time for me to read any book as I’m so bad in book reading.

Even if you have slow reading speed, don’t worry at all. We have also covered free websites to learn speed reading.

Find out How Long it Will Take for You to Read a Particular Book?

Use this link and you will jump to the homepage of this website. Now start searching your favorite book and it will show the results. Its database contains over 12 million books, so you won’t find any trouble to know the time for reading your favorite book. All you need to do is search the book and read the text sample and you will get a pretty good idea about the total time to finish that book.

search the book

In results, you can see the name of book, Author name, the total number of pages, Original language, published language, and the price of the book. So you also get some useful information about the book.

search results

Select a book from results that you want to read and it will bring a reading sample for you.

start the reading speed timer

You can start the timer and read the sample. When you have completed the reading, it will show you results in a pop up. It shows the total time taken by you to read that sample and total estimated time (based on your reading speed) to read the whole book.

reading speed result


This website brings a very simple solution to detect the time to read your favorite books. Once you get the estimation, you will be able to manage the time so that you can read your book without the interruption.

Try this website for free.

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