iPad Puzzle Game To Guess Name From Picture Icons

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Iconic is a free iPad puzzle game to guess name from picture icons. In this game, you have to guess name of people, music bands, and movies after seeing the picture icons combinations. According to app’s description, this app includes more than 200 hand drawn icons which have different combinations to make you scratch your head. The game is fun to play and quite difficult sometimes but it results in fun again once you crack the visual code successfully.

For each of the puzzle, the app also displays a Wikipedia excerpt about that people, music band, or movie. You can also choose to read the complete Wikipedia article if you would like to know more. The app even lets you purchase songs from iTunes for music related puzzles.

Puzzle to Solve

For some difficult puzzles, you can choose to take hints, reveal complete answer, and share puzzle on Facebook to ask from friends.

Note: This iPad puzzle game is also available for iPhone and Android Smartphones.

Using This iPad Puzzle Game to Guess Name from Picture Icons:

Download, install, and launch Iconic iPad puzzle game to start fun-filled ride which you will find hard to get off. On launching the app, the app will show you a sample puzzle in which you have to guess the name of the movie. You can see the picture icons combination for this puzzle from screenshot posted below. The app solves this puzzle automatically to show you how to solve puzzles.

Initial Puzzle

Since it has been solved, so I will explain how to solve puzzles using another puzzle shown below. You can see that just below the picture icons, there are diamond shaped icons which show you the number of words in name including number of alphabets in each word.

Puzzle to Solve

The alphabets which you can use to solve puzzle are at bottom of screen. You only have to tap on the alphabet which you think is correct. The tapped alphabet automatically gets placed on the diamond shaped icon in traditional writing style order. For removing any alphabet, just tap on it again.

Solved Puzzle

On filling all the blanks, the app will show you the correct name along with an icon for seeing the Wikipedia excerpt of that celebrity, music band, or movie name whichever was the category. For each correct answer, you get $1 (virtual currency).

Wikipedia Excerpt

If you are not able to find solution, tap on Ask Facebook to share puzzle on Facebook. Otherwise, tap on Use Hint to get hints.  There are three hints: Expose A Letter ($15 per hint), Remove A Letter ($15 per hint), and Solve A Question ($30 per hint).

Availabel Hints

Don’t worry, the dollar here are those virtual currencies which you earn for solving questions. Though, you can also get hints by spending real dollars as well.

Apart from these options, you can tap on the icon at top right corner to check all the puzzles you have solved but you can’t see the ones which are yet to come.

List of Solved Puzzles

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Final Verdict:

Iconic is an awesome iPad puzzle game to guess name from picture icons. I really enjoyed playing it on my iPad. It is good, addictive puzzle game which you can enjoy anytime like when you would like to have a little break from your hectic office work or when you are waiting for someone. Do give it a try.

Get Iconic here.


Editor Ratings:
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