4 Online Segmented Turning Calculator Free Websites

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Here is a list of 4 free online segmented turning calculator websites. These sites help you find out inside and outside segment length, segment thickness, cut angle etc., to create an object like bowl, vase, or some wood item. You need to provide the input details like number of segments, ring thickness, scale, inner and output margin, ring outside radius, etc., and then the output will be generated accordingly.

In the output, you will be able to find out values or numbers for cutting angle for segments, segment thickness, outside segment length, inside segment length, and more.

Let’s check these online segmented turning calculators.


Blocklayer.com website

Blocklayer.com is one of the best segmented turning calculator websites. You can enter number of segments, ring thickness, outer and inner margin, outside radius of ring, etc., as input details. You can either use sliders or manually enter input details. The unique feature of this website is it generates a diagram based on input details instantly. The graph is visible within the same page. It gives a much better idea about the output details.

You can also copy diagram to clipboard and then save it as an image manually. The feature to save output diagram as PDF file is also available which is again a unique and very useful feature.

Segment Sizing

segment sizing

Segment Sizing website comes with a very simple interface but it gives meaningful output. You can enter dimensions in inches or metric and add input details. You need to provide number of required segments, finished outer diameter, finished ring thickness, and thickness padding. Once it is done, you can calculate the results.

The output shows segment outer length, inner length, cutting angle, and segment thickness. It also lets you print the page for offline use. A sample diagram to understand about segment turning is also provided by this website.


GeoGebra Segmented Ring Calculator

GeoGebra website also brings a very useful segmented ring calculator feature. Here is the link. The unique feature of this website is you just need to set number of sides and it show all the details automatically. You can see the diagram as well which is another great feature. Apart from that, you will get details such as:

  • Inner diagram.
  • Rim size.
  • Outer diagram.
  • Angled total.
  • Matching grain.
  • long size.
  • Mid size, etc.

You can also share calculation and diagram with others using the sharing link.

Woodturners Resource Segment Calculator

Woodturners Resource Segment Calculator

Like Segment Sizing website, Woodturners Resource Segment Calculator also provides a sample diagram to understand about segment turning calculator. Here is the link to that calculator. You can enter:

  • Input number of sides or segments.
  • Outside diameter.
  • Input ring thickness, and
  • Ring thickness.

When the details are added, press that Calculate! button. The output will give you details about cut angle, segment thickness, outside and inside segment length. That’s all this website does.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list which has good free online segmented turning calculator websites. All sites are good as you can find out cutting angle, segment thickness, and other details for object segments. Still, the best one among these segmented turning calculators is “Blocklayer”.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 5 Average: 1.4]

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