5 Best Online Body Fat Calculator To Calculate Body Fat Percentage

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Here are some of the best body fat calculator websites on the internet. These are basically body fat percentage calculator tools that calculate your body fat percentage based on your gender, age, weight, height, waist size, hip size, thigh size, wrist size, etc. These also let you enter measurements in different measurement units. After carrying out the calculation, these tools show body fat percentage, body fat mass,  lean body mass, Body Mass Index, and more.

These tools to calculate body fat are different from one another in a way or two. In the following article, I will tell you about these tools to help you select one according to your requirement.

You can also checkout these ideal weight calculator tools to know ideal weight according to height, weight, age, and gender.

Here Are The Best Online Body Fat Calculator Websites:

Calculator.Net: Body Fat Calculator

This Body Fat Calculator from Calculator.net is a simple tool to find out the percentage of fat in your body. It carries out the calculation based on your gender, age, weight, height, neck size, waist size, and hip size. You can either select US or Metric units to enter values.

The output shows body fat percentage along with other calculations. You get to view body fat category, body fat mass, lean body mass, ideal body fat, and body fat percentage according to BMI method.

Checkout this tool here.

ACTIVE: Body Fat Calculator

The calculator on ACTIVE is simpler than the above listed tool. Based on the input provided, it only displays your body fat percentage. As input, it lets you select your gender, enter weight, waist circumference, wrist circumference, hip circumference, and forearm circumference. If you are a male, it is not necessary for you to enter wrist, hip, and forearm circumferences. As you hit the Calculate button, the calculated body fat percentage will be displayed.

Give this body fat percentage calculator here.

BMI Calories: Body Fat Percentage Calculator

This Body Fat Percentage Calculator from BMI Calories is somewhat similar to the first tool mentioned here. Here, you can select your gender, enter you weight, height, waist, hip, neck, and age. You can enter these values in US Standard units or SI units. For the entered values, the body fat value is displayed in percentage. Along with that, you also get to view body fat mass, lean mass, body fat category, BMI, and body adiposity index. For some body fat references, you can scroll down the website and look out.

Access this tool here.

Free Dieting: Body Fat Percentage Calculator

This Body Fat Percentage Calculator lets you calculate body fat percentage in two different ways. You can either calculate body fat percentage by skinfold method, or by estimate method. You will need to enter your age, gender, and weight in both of the methods. For estimate method, you just need to enter your waist size in inches. IF you choose the skinfold method, you will have to enter skinfold measurements of your chest, abdomen, and thigh. Once you carry out the calculation, you get to view your body fat percentage.

Along with body fat percentage, you can see fat weight, and lean weight.

Calculate your body fat with this tool here.

Health Status: Body Fat Calculator

This calculator from Health Status is by far the most extensive body fat percentage calculator in this list. You will have to enter your age, gender, weight, and height, as you do in other calculators. What’s different here is that you have to enter widest and narrowest measurements of waist, hip, wrist, forearm, biceps, neck, and thigh. These measurements are to be entered in inches.

As you hit the calculate button, a webpage opens up, which shows a b=detailed report for your input, along with body fat percentage.

Access this tool here.

Closing Words

There were some of the best tools available out there to calculate body fat percentage. Along with body fat, these also show what should be your ideal weight, which may work as motivation for you to be fit.

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