Free Websites To Watch Programming Live Stream

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This article covers 4 free websites to watch programming live steam. On these websites, you can find and watch live streams on various programming languages, software, and other areas of interests. Three of these websites list the ongoing live streams on the top and offer a search option to help you easily find a particular type of content. Whereas, one website gives your an indexed dataset of popular developer around the world along with links to their preferred live streaming platforms and other digital addresses.

These websites can be useful for people who are into programming and looking to learn new skills. People can see a live tutorial on how to work on a particular web server, software, cloud database, front end, back end, etc. Or, just watching a developer build a program could also be fun. So, let’s check out these websites details.

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4 Free Websites To Watch Programming Live Stream:


coding live stream

As you might know, Twitch is a live streaming video platform where users can host live streams and easily broadcast them to the world. The vast majority of content on Twitch dedicated to video games which makes it the most popular live stream platform among the gamers community. Apart from that, Twitch also has various other communities of content creators including programmers.

There are several categories on Twitch which are dedicated to programming. One such category is Science Technology where you can find and watch programming live streams. In these categories, you can filter the content by Live, Videos, and Clips. Using the Live filter, you can easily filter out the ongoing programming live streams and watch them. Twitch also gives you a Search Tag option on each category which you can use to look up for particular types of programming live streams. You can also follow channels to get updates via email or desktop notifications.

Watch programming live stream on Twitch.


watch programming live stream

ShipStreams is a free website where you can find programming live streams. On the homepage, it gives you a list of programmers’ profile arranged in grid-layout. The list is ranked based on the most recent streams. Each entry in the list shows you the username of the programmer along with an avatar, last stream date, and a short description. It also includes a total number of views on stream and links to his/her other platforms on the web.

When you click on a programmer’s profile, it opens their profile page. If you a programmer is live streaming at that moment, you can watch the live programming stream there. Apart from the live stream, the profile also has information about the programmer and hyperlinks to his/her social media. And, if you live stream programming or know someone who is not listed on this website, you can submit your/their profiles and help this community to grow.

You can watch programming live stream on ShipStreams here.


live programming streams

WatchPeopleCode is another free website to watch programming live streams. This website is closely integrated with the /r/WatchPeopleCode subreddit that is dedicated to live programming streams, videos, and broadcasts. On the homepage, this website shows you the number of live streams going on right at that moment and list them on top. If there is no live steam, is suggests you recent recorded live streams.

This website has an archive of recorded programming live streams which you can search using the search option. When you run a search inquiry, it gives you options to sort the search results by time and views. if you have an idea that you want to share with the community, you can submit that here. Also, if you have a YouTube or Twitch channel where you host programming live streams, you can submit a link to that as well. You can simply post the link on its subreddit which will be automatically detected and added to this website.

Watch live programming stream here.

Bnb (GitHub)

list of programming live streams

Bnb is a repository on GitHub that provides you with a detailed list of popular developer streams from all around the world. First, it gives you a table of content where it lists popular developers along with their area of expertise. Then, it gives you details of each of those developers along with links to their stream platforms and social media. You can click a developer from the table of content to jump directly to his/her profile details.

This repository offers useful information that can come handy when you are looking for programming streams in a particular programming category. But, the downside of this website is that it’s hard to know which programmer is doing a live streaming at the particular moment. You have to visit their profile to confirm that.

Get a list of programming live stream links from Bnb.

Closing Words:

These are the 4 free websites to find and watch programming live stream. You can use these websites to learn new skills by watching the professionals. Give them try and let us know what you think about them in the comments.

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