3 Free Epub Validator Software to Verify eBooks on Windows

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Here are some best free EPUB validator software to verify eBooks on Windows. With these software, you can verify EPUB files for various errors and warnings. Those errors can be related to anything such as invalid referenced resources, CSS selectors, not readable title, misplaced name spaces, missing attributes, text at not allowed places, and some others. You just give these tools an EPUB file and they will show you the validation results.

If you usually create or publish eBooks then you should validate them before distributing. Since manually doing that will take a lot of time, so you can take help of some free tools. And here I have mentioned some which can be used on Windows and other platforms such as MAC and Linux. You just specify an EPUB file and then just let these software take care of the rest.

In this post, I have added a command line tool as well that you can use to validate EPUB files. The advantage of command line tools is that you can create a batch file to validate multiple files. There is a popular EPUB checker out there that you can use that as well and that is online and you can access that here.

3 Free Epub Validator Software to Verify eBooks on Windows:

pagina EPUB-Checker

pagina EPUB-Checker

pagina EPUB-Checker is one of the best free EPUB validator software available right now. Here this is an open source software that comes with a simple interface. You just give it an eBook and then it will analyze that for you. It lists all the errors on its main interface and then you can analyze them and simply take further steps to resolve them. It uses the legendary “epubcheck” under the hood to test a given eBook file and show you most common type of errors and and warnings.

You can download this software from above and then start using it right away. It is a portable software available for Window, MAC and Linux. After you have downloaded it, you can start using right away. Open it up and load an EPUB file and start the validation process. Just give it sometime while its scanning the eBook for you and it will list all the potential error and warning on its main interface and you can analyze them. However, here you can only see the list of errors but you cannot fix them.

ePUB Validator

ePUB Validator in action

ePUB Validator is another free software you can use to validate eBook files on your Windows PC. This is an extremely simple software to check EPUB files on your PC in easy way. This comes with a minimal interface where you just give it a file and it will list errors and warnings. It checks EPUB file for small warnings and errors as well and you will like this tool for is simplicity. However, just like the software above, it can only list the possible errors from the eBook file. You cannot fix them; you will have to do that manually or take help of an expert.

Get this simple software from above and then simply open it up. Browse the eBook file you want to check with this tool and then hit the “Validate” button. It will then start analyzing the given EPUB file and then it will list all the errors answering on its interface. If you want then you can copy the scan result and do anything that you want with that.


EpubTool is a command line tool to validate EPUB files with ease. Here with this command line tool, you can unpack an eBook, pack an eBook, get OPF from eBook, and of course validate it as well. There is a very simple command to validate an EBook with this tool. It analyzes the given eBook thoroughly and lists all the possible warnings and errors on the command prompt or terminal window. This is a cross platform tool you can run it from Linux and MAC terminal as well. It can list minor as well as some obvious errors from an eBook and then you can fix them.

Using this tool on any platform is very simple. There are no dependency or external tools you need to use it. There are its precompiled binaries available that you can download for your platform.

After you have downloaded the binary for your platform, just put the eBook you want to validate in the same folder. Also, for the simplicity, you can rename the file name of the EXE file as well. After that, just run the command in the following syntax and wait for it to analyze the eBook. You can see the screenshot below to see how it works.

epubtool v eBookName

EpubTool in action

Above you can see the errors and warning that it listed in my case. In this way, you can use this too anytime to validate any eBook in EPUB format anytime. You just give an eBook to this tool and then see the validation result. And since, it is a command line tool so you can create a batch file to use it to validate multiple eBooks with ease.

Final thoughts

These are the only free software that I could find to validate an eBook on Windows. Use these to quickly check any EPUB file and list all the possible errors. All these tools can help you easily verify any given EPUB file and some of them work on different platforms too. Personally, I will recommend you to go with EpubTool and pagina EPUB-Checker. And if you need an online tool to do the same then I have already mentioned one in the beginning.

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