5 Free Trivia Games for Facebook to Test your Knowledge

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This article lists 5 free Trivia games for Facebook which are fun to play. Trivia games are games where you get to test your knowledge as there are lots of questions which are asked about anything and everything. There are a wide variety of topics on which trivia questions are asked like science, nature, arts, geography, sports, history, etc. People who enjoy playing trivia games would definitely enjoy these games which have easy interfaces.

Most of these trivia games offer you either a multiple choice quiz or spin the wheel kind of topic for trivia. Let’s look at these trivia games app for Facebook below.

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a free Trivia game for Facebook. Trivia games usually features questions on various topics like arts, science, entertainment, history, etc. This game is no different. At the start of the game you have to select whether you want to play the classic game or a tournament. Also you have to select whether you want to play with a friend or any random user. If you choose random, then the game will pair you up with any random user of the game. But if you choose the friend option then you have to select a friend from your Facebook friends list to play this game with you. After selecting you will be taken to the spin the wheel screen, which can be seen in the screenshot above.

On this screen you will see a spin button at the center of the screen. Click spin to rotate the wheel. The icon on which the pointer stops will be your trivia topic for the round. As soon as a trivia topic is picked up you will be shown a question on your screen. This question will have 4 multiple choice answers. Choose the answer that you are confident of. If you have answered right than the answer will turn green, otherwise it will be red marked as wrong. You only get a few initial lives for free when you start the game, so use them wisely. Once you run out of lives, you have to wait for an hour for the lives to regenerate or you can even buy more lives to continue playing this game.


Triviador is a fun trivia game app for Facebook. I liked the concept of this game. You start with clicking the start game option on the home page. Then choose the kind of game you want to play like a normal game, long game, friendly game, etc. As soon as you select the game will assign two opponents for you. So there is three players playing the game and you will have a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above. Each player will be given a 1000 points to start with and can select areas on the map that they like. You can select two areas and after that to acquire more land you have to answer trivia questions. Right answer will earn you points and wrong ones will deduct points from your score.

Once all the areas on the map are occupied, then you can start with the battle of acquiring other peoples land. Again you will be asked questions, if you answer right the competitors land is yours and if you answer wrong then your land goes to your competitor. After a few rounds the game over screen comes up and winners are announced based on points scored.

Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz is a trivia game app for Facebook where you have to guess the people in the pictures. When you start the game you will see that pack one of the game is the only one which is unlocked right now. So start with pack one and answer a minimum number of questions to unlock the level 2 pack. When you click on play button given with level one, you will be taken to the screen as shown in the above screenshot. You will have about 20 images in this level and you have to answer a minimum of 7 or 8 to unlock level 2. You don’t have to follow any sequence while answering, you can open up any of the listed images and type in your answer.

Like when you open the first image of Superman, you will be asked the name of this superhero and a number of blank boxes are given to enter the name of this superhero. Once you enter, if you are right you will be shown a green check mark button and if you are wrong then your answer will just turn red. You will also get a hints option to help you out when you are stuck.

Trivia Fact

Trivia Fact is a true and false type trivia game app for Facebook. In this game app you will be shown a statement and you have to answer in true or false only. When you start the game you will be asked to choose your opponent player. You can choose to play against a friend or just select the random player button. The random player button will pair you up with any player that is online. Once you are done with that, you will be brought to the game screen where you have to click start new game button, to start a new game.

This start a new game button will take you to the spin wheel screen. Where you have to spin the wheel and whichever icon the spin wheel points to will be your quiz topic. The various icons are related to science, art, sports, history, geography, etc. You will be shown the category your pointer stopped at and you have to press the play button to start the trivia. A screen like the one shown above will come up with a statement mentioned on it. Below the statement are two buttons of true and false. The green true button and the red false button.

Select the option you think is right. As long as you are answering right you can keep on spinning the wheel and answer questions. But if you answer wrong then your turn will be passed on to your opponent and then you will have to wait for your next turn.

Trivia Movies

Trivia Movies is another trivia app for Facebook which looks quite the same as previous one. In this game app also you have to spin a wheel to choose your topic of quiz. When you land on the home page of the app you have to go ahead and click the start new game option. Upon doing this you will get a pop up window asking whether you want to play the game with a random person or with a friend. In case you choose a friend then you have to select a Facebook friend to play the game with. If you choose a random person then the game itself provides you a competitor from the online users.

Once you are paired up you can start playing. You will get a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above, where you have to spin the wheel to choose a genre of movie to answer. You opponent is shown on the right side of the screen. Whichever icon the pointer stops on will be your topic for the quiz. The topics on the wheel are adventure, fictions, drama, comedy, etc. When you are shown the topic after that you will be shown a image from a movie and the name of the movie will be given below the image. Now look at the image and see if the movie name given is the right one. There are two options true and false at the bottom of the screen. Choose the one which you think is right. If you are right then the movie text color will change to green, but if you are wrong then the color will change to red.

If you answered right then you can go ahead and spin the wheel again to choose another topic for answering. If you answered wrong then the spin passes over to your opponent and you have to wait until they give a wrong answer to get a chance to spin again. You can also start a new game while your opponent is answering his side of the questions. That way you don’t have to wait for your opponent to finish his game.

So these are the 5 trivia games for Facebook which are quite fun and challenge you as well. The game I liked the most was Triviador, because of the battle with your opponent to answer the question, otherwise you loose your land. That was quite exciting. So go ahead and try out the games and see which ones you like.

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