Read Interactive Halloween Stories on this Free Android App

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Choicetory is a free Android app to read interactive Halloween stories. Here it offers Halloween stories as text adventures. You can either play through the stories or write them yourself. For now it has limited number of stories but the ones which are already in it come with multiple variations and each passage gives you 2 or more options to read the different storyline. And that’s what makes those Halloween stories interactive.

You can read stories in this app, but the next page is based on the decision you make on the current page, so choose wisely as the story will proceed accordingly. New stories will be added to the app on each Sunday and till then you can explore the current stories that it has with all the possible options. It might also give you goosebumps, so if you are interested in those kinds of activities, then this app is for you.

Read Interactive Halloween Stories

Read Interactive Halloween Stories on this Free Android App

Choicetory basically comes as a game app. There is no sign in or anything like that required. Just get this app from Google Play and start usign it. For now it has 2 stories on the main UI as you can see below.

Choicetory UI

Now, just open a story and then start reading it. On each page you have 2 options and depending on what choice you select, the story will proceed accordingly.

Choicetory Story Open

The options are not always limited to 2 as some pages may show you 3 or 4 options for revealing the next part of the story. So, read the story in any way you want. You can also go back to the previous page and choose a different option to reveal a whole new page with a new twist or irony.

Choicetory Story Proceed

This way, you can use this simple Android app to read interactive stories on your Android phone. The app is simple and there will be more stories in the coming weekends. Or, you can also contribute to the app and create your own story. But for that, you will have to contact the app developer.

Closing words:

If you want to try something new on Halloween, then this app is a good option. You can read these stories with your friends and family, or mix things up by assigning different activities to different choices that you select in the story. There are lots of possibilities and there will be more options once the app starts adding more stories. So, just give this app a try and let me know what you think about it.

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