Free Windows 8 Mind Mapping App: M8! Mind Map

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M8! Mind Map is a free Windows 8 mind mapping app. Using this app you can convert a small thought in your mind, into a widely expanded and well branched visual presentation. It is basically a Windows 8 app that helps you map your ideas in a beautifully branched way. The app lets you add as many branches to the main node (root node) or parent node as you want. There is no limit on the series of nodes, that is a node series can go on and on.

The app states that, it won the Swiss App Award. It is the small idea or a thought, at the beginning, that gives rise to a big invention or innovation etc. and using this free Windows 8 mind mapping app you can logically branch (map down) these thoughts and ideas. You can also use this app for taking notes, or organize your studies or business tasks. The app is supported with Windows 8 Pinning and Sharing features.

M8! Min Map - mind map screen

This Windows 8 mind mapping app is present under the Productivity category in Windows Store. You can use the Windows 8 Search Charm to locate the app in Windows store. Also there’s a link provided at the end of this article.

Specifics of this free Windows 8 mind mapping app:

It is clear that the purpose of this free Windows 8 mind mapping app is to let you map your ideas, thoughts, and design plans etc. at right time, before a part or a point gets missed out. On the basis of this aspect, the app is totally functional. You can easily create eye soothing mind maps using this Windows 8 mind mapping app. I liked it’s ease of use and the straightforwardness. There’s no signup or login required, hence, removes all the extra stuff.

M8! Min Map - main screen

This app is just two screen app. The first is the dashboard/Main Screen, and the second is the Mind Map’s screen. So, there’s no hassle of getting confused between multiple screens. The app is very clean. There’s no Ads at all. So, now you can completely focus on creating mind maps. You can create as many mind maps as you want. I liked the fact that the app arranges and categorizes the mind maps alphabetically. This helps in quickly and easily tracing out a particular mind map. Also, the app is beautifully integrated with the Windows 8 Search Charm. So you can use this feature to find map.

M8! Min Map - share

Besides Windows 8 Search charm, this Windows 8 mind mapping app also supports Windows 8 Share and Settings Charms, and Pinning feature. Now, this is a pretty cool thing! If you liked a map or you want to share the map with a friend or colleague, then you can use the Share Charm. Also the pinning feature allows you to get a quick access to a particular pin. One good notable feature of the app is, the mind maps are totally editable, that is you can open a map and edit it anytime, whenever you want.

Following is a screenshot of exporting (saving) the map in .m8 extension.

M8! Min Map - exporting mind map in .m8 extension

Creating a mind map is pretty easy, it’s all about clicks and little typing. All you have to do is, go to the Main Screen and click on Plus button at the top right corner. You can also make a right click and Click on Add button. This opens a map creating screen, with the Main node at the center. Type in the desired text, then press Enter. To edit it again, click on the Pen icon button and to add new node to it, click on Plus icon button. That’s pretty much it. The nodes are totally movable, simply click on a node and then drag it to desired location. Also to delete a node, simply select it and click on the Cross icon button.

One important thing to remember is deleting a middle node, deletes all of it’s subsequent nodes. So, be careful when deleting a middle node.

M8! Min Map - managing mind maps

Key features of this Windows 8 mind mapping app:

  • Freely available.
  • Good Windows 8 mind mapping app.
  • Great tool to map your ideas, thoughts, and to make notes.
  • Mind maps get automatically saved.
  • Integrated Windows 8 Search, Share, and Setting Charms.
  • Allows pinning a map to start screen.
  • Beautifully designed and easy to use.

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Final Verdict:

M8! Mind Map is really handy Windows 8 mind mapping app. It’s extremely helpful in brainstorming. It further supports other features which includes: Group, Different Colors, and Printing. These are paid ones but don’t cost much, and if you liked the app, then you can get these by spending a few bucks. The free version, itself is pretty much sufficient! Hands down a good mind map app.

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Get M8! Mind Map here.

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