3D Paperball: Free Paper Toss Game for Windows 8

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3D Paperball is a free paper toss game for Windows 8. In this game you need to throw a paperball in a dustbin. Use your visual and puzzle solving skills to throw the paperball efficiently in  the dustbin. The dustbin is placed in a room which has a realistic 3D environment. The objective of the game is very simple, but the game is quite tricky.

The game has many levels to unlock. In every level, the position of the dustbin changes. The challenge of the game increases with increasing levels. This game has 3D graphics and amazing sound effects. 3D paperball manages to keep you hooked for hours. It is easy to play, but is challenging.

3D Paperball - Interface

Gameplay of 3D Paperball puzzle game for Windows 8:

The objective of this game is to throw a paperball in the provided dustbin. The dustbin is placed in a realistic 3D room. Firstly, you need to find the dustbin in the room (if it is hidden under table or behind anything). Then left click anywhere on the screen to get the ball. When the ball appears on the screen, set the target and release left button to toss the ball. You are provided one arrow with the ball which helps you to efficiently set the target.

3D Paperball - Ball Displayed

In the beginning of the game, you are given 50 paperballs. Every time you toss a ball, one paperball is subtracted from your remaining balls. When you complete any level, one extra ball is added. You can continue playing the game until you exhaust all paper balls. If you ran out of balls, then you can reset the game to play again from level 1.

Use bounces against different objects available in the room (like table, books, etc. ) to throw the ball in the dustbin. The more bounces you will use, the higher will be your score. On achieving 5,000 score, you are given 50 more balls, on achieving another 10,000 score you are given 50 more balls, and so on.

3D Paperball - Result With Bonus Points

So set target, toss paperballs into the dustbin, use bounces, and enjoy the game.

Different options available in 3D Paperball puzzle game:

You can get free 3D paperball game app from windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

After launching the game app, you will find three different options: Leaderboards, Options, and Play.

3D Paperball - Home Screen

To start the game, click on Play option. You will find a page with different images showing how to play the game. Click on next option to start the game (as shown in screenshot).

3D Paperball - Instruction Screen

You will find a 3D room with many objects, like: Sofa, Table, Books, Chair, etc. To start playing, left click on the screen. A paperball appears on the screen with an arrow. Set you target with the help of this arrow and release the button to toss the ball into the dustbin.

3D Paperball - Room

Try to use bounces against provided objects. For each bounce you will get bonus score. If you want to skip the level, then click on Skip level option at the bottom left corner of the screen. But you will loose 25 balls for skipping a single level.

You can check your ranking on global leaderboard and can compete with global players of 3D paperball. To check the leaderboard, click on Leaderboard option at the Home screen of the app.

3D Paperball - Leaderboard

The game has amazing sound effects as well. But if you like to play without any sound and music, then click on Options and turn off the sound from there. You can also change the name of the player from in-built options.

3D Paperball - Option

You can also set the animation for your ball from provided 3 options: Fireworks, Confetti, and Flames. When you will toss the ball in the right can/bin, then the relevant animation will be played. For example: if you have chosen Fireworks, then after tossing the ball you can see animated firework in the bin/can. However if you don’t like animation, then choose none.

3D Paperball - Fireworks Animation


3D paperball is one of the best puzzle games for Windows 8. The best thing about the game is its graphics. The animation, 3D graphics and the unlimited levels manage to keep you busy for hours. The amazing sound effect makes the game more interesting. I enjoyed this game a lot. If you are looking for any unique puzzle game then this is a must have game for your Windows 8 PC.

Get 3D paperball here.

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