Search Engine That Donates To Charity With Every Search You Make: Hopely

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Hopely is a simple search engine which donates to charity with every search you make. The mechanism of this search engine is very simple and works just like Google or any other search engine. If you are accustomed to using Google as your search engine, you can add Hopely’s Chrome extension. It will redirect all your Chrome search queries through this search engine.

This is the home screen of Hopely. The interface is rather very simple and minimalistic, which in a way looks like Google. There are four options below the Search bar, which let you choose one specific charity cause. You can select from Food, Water, Medicine, or Nature. If you are interested in donating to nothing in particular, you can choose the “All Causes” option on the left most side of the screen.

How Hopely Search Engine That Donates To Charity Works

If you go to the top centre of the home page of Hopely, you can see a small option, which says “How it works”. When you click on that option, a drop down menu appears which describes the working mechanism of this search engine and how you can contribute to the cause of social welfare.

Hopely doesn’t take anything from you. To contribute to charities, Hopely shares the money earned from its Advertisement revenue. As mentioned before, you can contribute to a specific cause or any cause in random.

Apart from that, there are three small lines which appear on the right hand corner of the screen, immediately below the drop down menu of “how it works”. Click on that menu to learn more about Hopely and get answers regarding various topics in the FAQ section.

When you type in a query in the search bar and hit the Enter key, the results show up, just like Google. If you are using Hopely for the first time, the application prompts you to add its Chrome extension.

If you proceed with the choice, the extension will get added in your Chrome browser. After adding this Chrome extension, every search query you make on Chrome, will be done via Hopely.


The concept behind Hopely, a search engine that donates to charity is very innovative and praise worthy. The browsing experience is also quite good, except for a slight delay in procuring the search results. The interface is really clean and simple, which makes browsing an enjoyable experience. If you really wish to make a small contribution for making this world a better place without much of an effort, using Hopely and installing its extension might be a good idea.

Access Hopely here.

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