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Amnesia (its code name is jSticker) is a free task reminder software that helps to create to do list as well as lets you add alarms with reminders. For to do list of tasks, you can also set the priority. Based on priority (low, lowest, high, highest, and medium), you will get an idea which task should be completed first. All added tasks will be visible to you on Sticker tab on its interface. Apart from these features, it helps to add memo which could be for anything. A phone book section is also available to store important contacts as backup. But it doesn’t let you import/export contacts. Contacts are saved within this software only.

Amnesia brings multiple features in a single software and therefore stands in a good position, with many similar tools. Screenshot below shows interface of this free task reminder. All added tasks and alarms will be visible on Calendar tab (including their corresponding tabs). Rest of the things will be available on their separate tabs.

Amnesia- interface

How To Work With This Free Task Reminder Software?

To work with this software, download it on your PC. It is 3.51 MB in size and you can use the download link given at the end of this review. After downloading the setup file, execute it to start the installation wizard. You can complete the installation wizard by just following some basic steps. After this, launch this task reminder. Java has to be installed on your PC to run it successfully.

By default, its interface will open with Calendar tab. To add a task, alarm, memo, or phone number, you can start a new chapter. For this, click on Chapter icon available on top left part. Clicking on this icon will open a wizard like window. In this window, you need to select the type of task you want to add. For example, if you want to schedule an alarm, click on Alarm option. After selecting the alarm option, click next to add details for new alarm. Only a single task can be added at a time.

select type of task for chapter

For alarm details, you need to set alarm title and alarm type (daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, yearly, appointment). After this, you can set start and end date for that alarm, along with time. A message can also be added with alarm. That message, along with alarm title, will pop up on exact date and time.

add alarm details

On the next step, you need to set alarm properties. For example, pop up message color, and sound for alarm. Here, total 11 sounds are available that provide a short duration beep like sound. But the disappointing part is that you cannot add any other sound from PC to add as alarm sound.

set alarm properties

Once all the setup is done by you, you can finish the wizard window. After this, alarm will be added on its interface. It will be visible on both Calendar tab as well as on Alarm tab.

The same wizard can be started again to add a Sticker (added with task) along with priority. On wizard window, you need to select Sticker option, and fill the details. Task will be added to your desktop as a sticker. Just like sticky notes.

add a sticker

Other Options Present In This Free Task Reminder:

Above two are main features of this software. Apart from this, there are some useful options present. These are:

  • You can store a memo in this software. For this, either select Memo option in New chapter wizard window, or simply access Memo tab.
  • Phone Book tab is also available that helps to add contacts. Same wizard window can also be used to store contact person name, birthday, email address, home number, mobile number, etc. Or else, simply use right-click menu in Phone Book tab to add a contact.
    Phone Book to store contacts
  • Any sticker, alarm, memo, and contact can be modified whenever required.
  • Interface of this software can be minimized to system tray, helpful when not in use.


Amnesia is very easy to use and helpful to add multiple tasks. However, I expected a feature to add a custom sound track as an alarm sound. Just a beep like tone is not sufficient to catch user’s attention when he/she is not in front of desktop screen. Overall, it can be used when you have to create to do lists, reminder for events, and schedule alarms.

Get Amnesia free.

If you don’t like this software, then try out Wise Reminder, My Daily Planner, and Todo.EXE.

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