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What Should I Watch Now is a free movie recommendation website that helps you to decide which movie should you watch next. There are countless movies that you have not seen yet, and this website helps in picking the right next movie for you. It is a fun website to spend your time watching countless movies on a holiday without creating any new account.

What Should I Watch Now helps you to decide and select the next movie with enigmatic or unaccountable facility. It provides the movie recommendation in visual style that further develops the interest to watch the next movie.

How Does This Movie Recommendation Works?

On the main page of What Should I Watch Now, you can enter the name of the movie that  you wish to watch and search for the results. The movie and the related options will appear on the page and enables us to view the visual recommendations of the other movies on the page.


As you can see below, the page will appear this way. The list of  related search will appear and you can click on one of the movie from that list and keep browsing movies till you find one that you are interested in. The page also gives the option to Tweet.

As you click on the name of the movie, the IMDb website opens in the new window that shows the caste, director, genre, and other related information about the movie. The main button enables you to redirect to the main page of the website.

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Its good to be on this website until you’ve watched all the movies. Once you are done with all of them nothing remains to look forward because then it shows repeated search that you might not be interested to watch. It also lacks in poor database; it maintains only a limited number of list of movies. The worst part is when you wish for a particular movie and it shows all the other options other than that particular one.The website has inactive forward and back option, only Refresh button remains active throughout the website.

Key Features Of What Should I Watch Now

  • Web service that is user-friendly
  • Helps you to select the movie you wish to watch next
  • Allows you to find similar kind of movie related to the search
  • Connects you to Twitter and IMDb

What we like about the website?

  • User-friendly web service
  • Good for those who like to watch a movie repeatedly
  • Apt for similar kind of search of movies
  • Connects to Twitter and IMDb

What we don’t like about the website?

  • Poor Database
  • Does not have variety of movies
  • Repeated search results
  • Does not provide any visual information, review or comments options
  • Inactive forward and back button just the Refresh page is active

My Verdict For What Should I Watch Now

What Should I Watch Now is a free website that enables you to make a choice of movie and related ones. Though it is free, it doesn’t mean that it may be useful in every manner. I am very fond of watching movies and this website does not show me the results related to Korean, Chinese and Arabic movies. It has a limited list of Bollywood movies as well. I can make use of this website until I have watched all the movies. I would prefer other options to browse movies where I get multiple suggestions and countless varieties of movies. To me it is an average website.

You can check it out here

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