Website to Set 3 Goals for Your Day and Try to Achieve Them

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Zenlist is a free online to-do list maker to set 3 goals for your day and try to achieve those goals. Unlike many other advanced to-do list maker websites or software, this website doesn’t let you build a whole list of tasks. Just set three main tasks of your present day and start working to achieve them. When you have completed a task, mark it as done.

This website is in early beta phase and doesn’t provide many features. You can’t save the goals, there is no option to view monthly/weekly goals, view goals set on different days, and goals achieved on different days.

All you can do is enter three tasks and start your day. However, you can join the wait-list by providing your email address and full name. It could be possible that a new version comes with some good features.

Zenlist- free to-do list maker website to set 3 goals for the day

In above screenshot, you can see the interface of this website.

This website also provides different quotes per day on top of its interface (as highlighted in above screenshot). Some general quotes, some quotes of celebrities, etc. will visible to you. This might help you to focus on your goals and complete your tasks.

Set 3 Goals for The Day with This Free Online To-Do List Maker:

Go to this website using the link placed at the end of this review. On its homepage, you can enter only three goals or tasks that you want to achieve for the day. After entering the goals, start working to achieve those goals.

enter your 3 main tasks

When a goal is achieved by you, you can click on the circle available in front of that goal. After this, that goal will be marked as completed, and time when that goal is achieved will also be stored.

click on the circle to mark the goal as complete

Similarly, you need to mark done for the rest of the three tasks. That’s all you can do!

You can also tap on Start a new day button to start with a fresh list.


This website is very simple and comes with main objective to let users’ set their 3 goals for the day and start working to complete them. Where other to-do list software provide feature to add a lot of tasks, which might distract users from focusing on a particular task, this website eases the situation by just setting up 3 main goals. It would also be interesting to know what comes with its newer versions. At present, you can try its early beta version.

Try Zenlist free.

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