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gTax Employee Management is a free online employee benefits management software to make your employee benefits managing process easier. An employee receives various benefits from employers like interest-free loans, private medical, company cars and free accommodation. You have to submit the details of these benefits used by your employees for income tax in every financial year. And that’s where this free employee benefits management software comes to help you. gTax Employee Management is very useful if you provide P9D, P46 or P11D benefits to your employees.

Note: gTax Employee Management is customized for UK, and has tax rules and other forms based on UK regulations. If you are a USA based business, you can try NolaPro, and QuickBooks free.

gTax Employee Management is used by bureaus, employers and agents who are related with calculating and income tax handling work. Why wasting your time by managing all the expenses payments and benefits responsible to income tax manually when you have gTax Employee Management with you. Get all the calculations done with just one-click. Perform all your necessary tasks for managing employee benefits in a smart and smooth manner with this free employee benefits managing software.

gTax Employee Management is a web-based software with a smooth and easy-to-use interface. The information processing will be done in both on your browser and gTax Employee Management’s server to deliver you a fast and non-rivaled performance and speed. Just go to gTax Employee Management’s official website and sign up for an account to get started. Once you start using, you will see that it is better than any web-based or PC-based software you have used so far.


  • No Administrative costs or Installation: gTax Employee Management offers a SaaS service which means Software-as-a-service so you don’t have to pay, install or update anything to use this service. What you need to use this service is a PC with an active internet connection.
  • HMRC Approved: gTax Employee Management is approved by HMRC so you don’t have to worry about the P11D, P11D(b) and P46(Car) returns created by gTax Employee Management.
  • Online Submission: Submit P11D, P11D(b), P9D and P46(Car) right from your PC with real time status update feature.
  • Works on any Platform: gTax Employee Management is a web-based employee benefits management service so you don’t have to worry about whether it will work on your PC or not.
  • Flexible Licensing and Multiuser Support: gTax Employee Management supports unlimited number of users under the same license so work with unlimited number of users under a single license.

And the best part is, you get to use all these exclusive features for free.

Start using gTax Employee Management to manage your employee benefits

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