Get Gmail Statistics with Email Activity, Response Time, Top Interactions

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This article explains a simple method to get Gmail statistics with email activity, response time, top interactions, replies, and more. Gmail is one of the popular platforms for professional communication but it lacks email statistics to give you an overall view of your email activities. Luckily, there is an online tool that offers complete statistics on Gmail.

Email Meter is a web app that provides you the email statistics on your Gmail account. This application helps you know the number of emails you sent, received, number of recipients, and senders. It offers daily and weekly reports covering your average response time, quickest response time and more. It also gives you a breakdown of internal and external emails along with a list of email addresses you interacted with the most. Email Meter is free for a single user with up to 10 top interactions. It has a paid plan for organizations where you can track your team activities and monitor productivity. With that said, let’s check it out in detail.

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Get Gmail Statistics with Email Activity, Response Time, Top Interactions

Getting email statistics on your Gmail account is simple with Email Meter. All you have to do is visit the Email Meter website and log in with the Gmail account for which you want the statistics. Once you allowed the permission to access your account, it fetches the statistics email data from your account and shows that in a simple layout in the form of reports.

Gmail Activity, Response Time, Top Interactions

At the top of the report, you get a dashboard where it shows you the following monthly stats:

  • Messages Sent
  • Number of Recipients
  • Messages Received
  • Number of Senders
  • Average Response Time

Below the dashboard, it breaks down your busiest hours for sending and receiving emails along with the graphical representation of total messages sent and received on a daily basis.

Response and Internal/External Emails Breakdown

Email Meter shows you average response time to an email on a graph and shows you the Quickest Response Time along with Average First Response Time. Then, it breaks down your sent and received email replies with the number of emails you replies and not replied. It also breaks down the sent and received emails.

  • Sent Email Breakdown for Threads you started and existing threads.
  • Received Email Breakdown for Direct Message, CC, and Others.

Along with that, Email Meter also gives you a breakdown between internal and external emails. It shows you a side by side graphical comparison between both covering the sent and received messages.

Top Interactions

Get Gmail Statistics

Last, but not least, based on the statistics, Email Meter lists the top 10 email addresses you interacted with. This list covers the total number of interactions, sent messages, received messages, best contact time, and response time for each email address. By default, it picks the top interactions based on the email addresses but you can get the same info for the domains as well.

If you go with the subscription, you can expand Email Meter to your whole organization and track the activity and productivity of all your users. The paid plan also remove the top 10 interaction limit and allows you to apply filters and track email stats from last 2 years.

Closing Words

Email Meter is a handy application that gives you detailed stats and breakdowns on your Gmail activities. It allows you to gain clarity on your email with analytics and helps you find where you spend most of your time thus you can make improvements to save time and be more productive. As far as privacy goes, it only fetches the stats from your Gmail account hence your data is totally private and secure.

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