13 Free High School GPA Calculator Websites

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Here is a list of 13 free high school GPA calculator websites. GPA (Grade Point Average) is a very important aspect for all the high schools especially if you are aiming to get into any of the prestigious and popular U.S. universities. These online GPA calculator websites will help you keep an eye on your GPA so that you can plan your future career plans accordingly. All of them are easy to use and you don’t have to download, install, and register for anything.

You can use these calculators to cross-check your GPA as well as to have an idea about what will be your GPA depending on the grades you are expecting to get. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Note: All of these websites vary on the basis of the GPA scale used by them to calculate the GPA. Do check that their GPA scale matches with the one used by your high school to get correct GPA.

1. GPA Calculator:

GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator is the first high school GPA calculator in this list. This calculator has 5 classes by default, but you can add the extra number of classes as many times as you want. For each class, you have to enter Grade and choose Weight. You can choose the Weight as Regular, Honors, or College. The calculator shows your GPA in real time as and when you will enter the grade for each subject. If you still find it a little confusing to use, then you can refer to instructions given just below the GPA calculator.

2. Minnesota Office of Higher Education:

Minnesota Office of Higher Education

The second high school GPA calculator is from Minnesota Office of Higher Education. In this calculator, you will see the listing of all possible grades and you have to enter the number of classes in which you have scored that particular grade. After entering all the data, click on Calculate GPA button. The calculator will do the calculation process and it will show you the total points, total classes, and your GPA.

3. CSUMentor:


CSUMentor is the online GPA calculator which also provides some information regarding GPA system. To calculate the GPA, you have to enter the count for each grade and honors courses (if any). After this, click the Calculate GPA to get the calculated GPA. It also shows points, the total count of courses, and the GPA. As for the information provided, you can read about the way high school GPA is calculated and additional information regarding Honors courses.

4. Grade Tracker:

Grade Tracker

Grade Tracker is the website which doesn’t provide you with a number of preset fields for entering the classes. You will get one text box at a time and then you have to provide the corresponding details. You have to enter the class name, weight type, grade, and credits. For the entered data, the calculator shows you the complete list of classes entered by you along with weighted and non-weighted GPA. In the list, there is a Remove option which lets you remove that particular subject with just one click of your mouse. You can also edit the data entered by you directly from the list and see the updated GPA.

5. StudentsPreunited:


The high school GPA calculator from StudentsPreunited gives you preset fields for entering details for up to 16 classes. There is no way of increasing the classes. For each class, you have to enter grade, credit value, and type of class. After entering details for all subjects, you have to click on the Calculate button. The website will show you the calculated GPA.

6. CollegeSimply:


CollegeSimply is the next high school GPA calculator in the line. It lets you add the data for up to 8 classes in one go. For each class, you have to provide your grade and class type. On clicking the Calculate GPA button, you will see the cumulative GPA as well as the semester GPA. The good feature of the website is that it also lets you check the list of universities for which you’re eligible to apply. For each university, it shows the average GPA and your chances of getting selected. The complete list of all the universities is sorted by the name of the states.

7. GPA Calculator:


GPA Calculator is the seventh high school GPA calculator in this list. You have to go through 2 steps for calculating your GPA. The first step is to choose the number of courses you have. The maximum limit for the same is 20. Depending on the number of courses entered by you, you will see the table with the number of rows equal to the number of classes entered by you. Enter the data for the grade and credit for each of the particular course. After this, click on the Calculate button and the answer will be shown to you in a pop-up.

8. Koofers:


Koofers is a college as well as high school GPA calculator. To calculate the GPA, you have to provide the course name (optional), credit hours and grade. The calculator calculates your GPA on the basis of its default GPA scale, but you can change and update it to your school’s GPA scale. When you have filled all the details, click on the Calculate Your GPA button. The calculator will show you total credit hours, weighted GPA total, and the GPA. At the bottom, the website also mentions how to calculate your GPA manually.

9. Foreign Credits:

Foreign Credits

Foreign Credits is the high school GPA calculator which lets you calculate GPAs for various countries. By default, the calculator has 5 rows for entering details about 5 courses. You can choose to increase their count as per your wish. Like most of the calculators, you have to enter the credits and grades. Depending on your data, the calculator will show you the results in a table on the right side of the input table.

The website also answers commonly asked questions by students: How is GPA calculated?, Conversion scales, and Is D a passing grade in the US?

10. Calculator.net:


The high school GPA calculator from Calculator.net supports the calculation of GPA for up to 150 courses in one go. By default, you will see the 10 rows but you can add an additional row by clicking on the last row. As for entering the details, you have to enter the credit and score while adding the course name is optional. On clicking the Calculate button, the calculator will show you a table displaying the complete data input by you along with total Credits and calculated GPA. There is also an option to print the complete table.

11. GPACalculator.cc:


GPACalculator.cc is the high school GPA calculator which lets you choose from two GPA scale: 4.o and 4.33. You can also choose the input type as percentage or letter grade. There is also a field for entering the credits and your school doesn’t use credit system, then you have to input 1 for each of the courses. On entering the data, the website will show you the GPA. You can also add and remove courses easily while using this GPA calculator.

Update 2022: This website doesn’t exist anymore. Use the GPA calculator of RapidTables instead.

12. Your GPA Calculator:

Your GPA Calculator

Your GPA Calculator is pretty simple high school GPA calculator. You can use it to calculate GPA for up to 7 classes in one go. For each class, provide the score and credit details and click on the Calculate GPA button. This will shows you the total hours of credit and average GPA. Other than this, the website also explains about GPA, its importance, and what impact it can have.

13. CalculatorsGPA:


CalculatorsGPA is the last website in this list to calculate high school GPA. It lets you calculate GPA for up to 5 courses with fields for entering grade and weight. You can also add more courses to it. The website shows the GPA to you in real-time. It means you don’t have to enter all the values and click the Calculate button.

These are the 13 free high school GPA calculator websites for you. Check them out to calculate GPA for your courses.

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