Free H1B Employer Search to Find H1B Jobs by Zipcode, Distance, Salary

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This article covers a free H1B employer search website where you can find H1B jobs by zipcode, distance, salary, job title, etc. As you might already know H1B employers offer employment to non-immigrant workers and apply for H1B visa petition with the US Immigration Department. If you are looking for H1B jobs in the US, this website can be really useful for you.

H1B Employer Search is a free website where you can find employers who are sponsoring H1B visas. This website uses the LCAs filed H1B database for recent years. It lets you search for H1B job openings by zipcode and distance. After getting a list of the employers, you can filter the results by salary range, position, year of filling, etc.  You can also research pay at a prospective employer and find how much other nearby people are getting paid for the same or similar jobs.

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Find H1B Jobs by Zipcode, Distance, Salary

This website has all the search options and filters at the top. To find H1B jobs by zipcode, simply select search by ‘Location’ and enter the zipcode. After that click the ‘Search’ button and it will lists all the relevant jobs in that area. In the list, it shows you the employer name, job title, date of filing, salary, and location.

h1b employer search by zipcode

After getting a list of openings, you can further refine the search based on year of filing, distance, salary range, and job title. The employer name is clickable which leads to Google job listing where you can find the website site of the employer and proceed further accordingly.

find h1b jobs by zipcode, distance, salary

Apart from location, you can also find H1B jobs by employers. To do that, switch ‘Search by’  option to ‘Employer’ from ‘Location’ and the employer’s name. Also, you can refine the results by filling the date, salary range, and job titles.

Wrap Up

This website offers a simple way and easy way to find H1B employers. You can get the results within a few clicks without any advertisement or membership. It leads you to the employers’ websites where you can find the opening and apply for the job.

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