Free Google Font CDN with Focus on Privacy

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FontCDN is a free Google font CDN with focus on privacy. Basically this is a reverse proxy to Google fonts and best for your web apps and websites. This CDN is fast and free from any telemetry or analytics that Google servers do when you use theirs. With this CDN, you can have access to the Google fonts that you want and you are free to do anything with them. On FontCDN, you can search for fonts, sort them or even choose them from the categories listed there. All fonts are available there with preview and option to copy the CDN link for HTML an JavaScript code.

If you are in the web development line of work then you often need fonts. And Google fonts are kind of very popular among developers and programmers but if you want to have access to Google fonts without involving  Google CDN then FontCDN is the answer. Or you can also locally server fonts but if you need a privacy oriented CDN then here you are. Just find any font that you want t use and copy the corresponding code to include that in your projects.

Free Google Font CDN with Focus on Privacy:

There is no registration or sign up is needed to use the website. You just to go to the main homepage from here and then find the fonts you want to use. This is simple and you can use the tool it gives to sort results. The search tool, sorting tool, and then categories are listed on the right side. You can see them from there and find the fonts that you need. All the fonts hat it shows on its interface have their preview with them.

Font CDN for Google Fonts

To copy the code or the CDN link, you just click on nay font that is shown there. You will see the options to copy the CDN links and link tag for HTML or the import line for the Node.js. You can do this with any font on the website after searching the sorting.

Font CDN in action

In this way, you can use this free font CDN. A Google font without tracking of Google. Just find the right fonts for project needs and then just use them like you use them usually. The process is very simple and UI of the FontCDN is simple. It is even open source and you can find it on GitHub.

Closing thoughts

If you use Google fonts more often then you would like to try this new privacy oriented Google fonts CDN. You just find the fonts you want and then use that wherever you want. The UI of the website is what I really liked. Also, I liked the fact that this is open source and you can use host it yourself if you want to.

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