Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool with View Recordings, Heatmaps, Conversion Alerts

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This article covers an online conversion rate optimization tool with view recordings, heatmaps, conversion alerts, and more. Traffic is no doubt the most essential thing for a website. But the conversion of that traffic into leads is important. If your website has a struggling conversion rate that you have to make some changes to engage the users and improve the conversation rate. FloPanda is a free tool that can help you with that.

FloPanda is basically a conversion rate optimization tool that offers you insights into the traffic on your website. This tool helps you track the user activities on your website and shows you the amount of time each user spends on your website. It allows you to track the user activity with recordings and heatmaps that give you better insights into users’ behavior. You can also create conversion rate alerts to monitor the conversation rate and take action when needed. On top of that, it also packs other additional tools to funnel the traffic, track forms, UTM tags, and much more. The free-tier of this tool allows you to monitor the traffic on 1 website with 2,000 page views and 2,000 recordings per month and one month of storage.

Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool with View Recordings, Heatmaps, Conversion Alerts

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Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool to Track Leads

FloPanda is currently in the beta phase where you can get early access to the tool before the public release. You can create a free account to take advantage of this tool to monitor and improve the conversion rate on your website. After creating an account, add your website. Doing this gives you codes that you have to embed to your website source. The process is simple and this tool gives you a straightforward guide for that as well.

Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

Once you add and verify the website, this tool starts monitoring the traffic on your website. On the dashboard, it gives you a quick insight into the website stats covering total views, total form interactions, form submissions, and conversion rate. It also lists the top converting pages on your website along with an index of user interactions on your website.

Next to the dashboard, there are the following features this tool offers:

  • IP Addresses: List the website traffic with IP addresses.
  • Site: shows the traffic stats of the website.
  • Recodings: Lists the recordings of user interactions.
  • Funnels: Allows to create custom funnels to monitor specific things on a page.
  • Heatmaps: Shows heatmaps of clicks, movements, scrolls, etc.
  • Forms: Tracks the form interaction on the website.
  • Website Issues: Index the issues with the website based on the conversion rate.
  • UTM Tags: Shows UTM data for Google or Bing AdWords campaigns.

View Recordings

Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool with View Recordings, Heatmaps

The Recordings section of this tool lists up to 2,000 user interactions on your website. It shows you the interactive page, user source, number of pages viewed, last view time, location, device, length, and tags. In this section, you can play the recordings to check the user interactions. You can also tag the recording, delete them, download them, and share them with a sharing link.

View Heatmaps

Free Conversion Rate Optimization Tool with Conversion Alerts

The Heatmaps section on this tool shows you multiple heatmaps on user interaction based on the activity. It shows you heatmap for clicks, movements, scrolls, attention, and geo. In each case, you can track the traffic stats of the interaction and open the interactive heatmaps to have a deeper insight into the user behavior.

Based on all these factors, you can create custom conversion alerts. If the conversion rate does comply with the rule you create, this tool notifies you about that by sending an email. Then, you can take desired actions to engage users and improve interaction to generate leads.

Wrap Up

FloPanda is a nice tool to monitor and analyze the traffic on a website. It offers you visual tools to highlights the user interactions, helps you identify the cause of people leaving the website, and creates rules to get alerts for conversion rate. Based on all the data you get from this tool, you can take proper actions to refresh the user engagement and improve the conversion rate on your website.

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