How to Turn Inbound Traffic into B2B Leads with Company Info?

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This article explains how to turn inbound traffic into B2B leads with company info. The inbound traffic on your website can be really useful in different ways. There are many tools and services that analyze the visitors and offer insights for leads and engagement.

LeadRebel is a SaaS startup that offers a service to turn inbound traffic into B2B leads. When linked with Google Analytics, this service analyzes the visitors on your website and fetch information such as their company name, location, time spent, pages accessed, and more. Based on the company info, it identifies respective contact persons and their contact information. In shows all the data in a tabular form where you can filter it by source, company name, most viewed pages, time spent, etc.

How to Turn Inbound Traffic into B2B Leads with Companies Info?

The free-tier of LeadRebel tracks up to 10 visitors per day. It identifies their companies and fetches contact information. And, the visitor data on each day is erased at the end of the day. You can extend the visitor limit and data validity by going with the paid-tier which also offers daily email with summary, unlimited numbers of contacts, premium support, etc.

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Turn Inbound Traffic into B2B Leads with Company Info

To turn your inbound traffic into B2B leads, visit the LeadRebel website and create an account. You have to use your email ID as it does not offer any other sign-in option. When you sign in to LeadRebel, it takes you to the dashboard which is empty at first with an option to connect with Google Analytics account. If you don’t get an option to connect to Google Analytics, you can do that from the ‘Settings’ section. Just click the Settings button from the top, choose to connect Google Analytics, and authorize with your Google Account.

inbound traffic to b2b leads

When connected to Google Analytics, it takes a few minutes to fetch the data and then lists it on the dashboard. It shows the following information of the first 10 visitors on your website:

  • Date
  • Company Name
  • City
  • Keyword
  • Pages Accessed
  • Duration

On the left to the data table, it shows the Statistics covering the total number of visits (which is limited to 10 in free plan), average time spent by users, and average page views. It also lists the sources, most visited pages, and locations that you can use to sort the data accordingly.

b2b leads with company info

Next to the dashboard, there is a ‘Companies’ button on the top. This lists the company information for each visit (if available). It shows the following information for each company:

  • Company Name
  • Size
  • Website
  • Sessions
  • Page Viewed
  • Duration

From this list, you can fetch the company information and contact them with your business purpose.

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Closing Words

LeadRebel is a handy service to generate B2B leads from the inbound traffic on your website. The free plan limits you to 10 visitors per day but it provides company info and contact information for most of them. So, getting 10 B2B leads for free in a day is not a bad deal at all. You can keep an eye on the companies which constantly access your website and contact them for business deals.

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