Batch Share Large Files up to 5GB At Once with End to End Encryption

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Here is a free service to batch share large files up to 5GB at once with end to end encryption. So far, I have tried and used numerous file sharing services. Some of those come with the feature to share files with unlimited size (check the list), set expiration time to share files, and bring other features. This service has its own benefits or interesting features which make it a good competitor to rest of the similar services. The batch file sharing (up to 100 files at a time) and the end to end encryption is one of those features. A single unique link is generated for all the input files and AES-256 encryption is supported to securely share files. The files are encrypted before sending them and decrypted while downloading them. So, the original content remains between you and receivers only.

The automatic file expiration feature is also there. That means the file sharing link is expired after 10 downloads or 7 days. After that, your files are removed from the server. In addition to these features, you can also set password protection for file sharing. The receiver has to enter the correct password to access and download the shared files.

large files shared using this service

In the screenshot above, you can see that I shared some large files together using this service.

Note: This service also brings the features to set expiration time, open limit, detailed access logs, and other features but those features are present in paid plans. Also, currently the service is in beta but it works very well.

How To Batch Share Large Files Using This Free Service?

Step 1: You can open its homepage using the link given at the end of this review. The good thing is you don’t need to create an account to use this service.

Step 2: To share files, you need to:

  • Drag n drop files on the available area or use Add files button. You can add any type of file, like ISO, EXE, MP4, PDF, etc.
  • Enter your email address, and
  • Set password (optional).

add files and set options

You can also enable an option to “Send me an email at link openings“. This will send you an email alert whenever someone will open the sharing link.

Step 3: When everything is set, you can use “Create Secure Link” button. It will start encrypting files and then upload them to the server. After this process, a unique file sharing link is generated. Copy that link and give it to others.

share the link to download files

The recipient can open that link, add password set by you (if any), and then see the list of shared files and download them.

The Conclusion:

It is really a nice service to batch share large files up to 5GB at once. You can share some Blue-ray file, music collection, large ISO, etc. While many other services don’t provide end to end encryption and store your files forever, this service has the encryption feature and also removes your files automatically. You can give it a try.

Try this service.

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