Free website analyzer to quickly find SEO, Security, and UX Issues

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TotalWebTool is a free website analyzer to quickly find SEO, security, and UX issues on your websites. It only takes URL of your website and then generates a comprehensive report after scanning it thoroughly. The list of issues that it generates can be passed to the webmaster or developer, who will fix them for you. Once you fix those issues, it will help the ranking as well as user engagement on your site. You can run a quick scan for free on this website and for a more comprehensive scan, you will have to create a free account.

We have covered SEO website analyzer before. But those tools mostly focus on SEO part only. But TotalWebTool here scans almost all the aspects of your website that are necessary for ranking as well as good user experience. So issues with the HTML code and issues from the perspective of accessibility can be uncovered by it and then you can fix them. Most people don’t even know that there are some issues on their website, which might be the reason behind low traffic and low engagement rate. That’s why it’s essential to have a website analyzer to scan it time to time.

Free website analyzer to quickly find SEO, Security, and UX Issues

You can go to the main website of TotalWebTool and start using it right away. Its interface is simple and if you just want to try it out then you can easily do that. There is no sign in or registration required. But if you want a more detailed report, then you can create a free account. The free account will give you 20 scans per month.

TotalWebTool Star Scan

Now, you just enter domain of your website and hit enter. It will now take a short time and will give you report of the scan. The report has various sections, listing the issues from most critical to least critical. But it is imperative that you analyze all the issues and try to fix them all. For now, it lists the errors into these categories:

  • SEO
  • User Experience
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Code Errors
  • Accessibility

TotalWebTool Issues

For each issue that it lists in the report, you can expand it and then read more about it. It will explain what exactly is the issue and on which page. If there is something wrong with the code itself, then you will know it. The best part is that it also included a suggestion as solution that you can follow in order to fix that particular issue. This is as simple as that.

TotalWebTool in Action

You can keep using this tool in this way. If you want to share the report that it generates, then unfortunately there is no option to do that. But you can print the page as PDF and then send that to the developer or the webmaster. Additionally, you can capture the full webpage screenshot and then send the image to anybody you want which can fix the website issues.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking for a free and simple website analyzer to uncover site issues and a solution to fix them, then TotalWebTool is the best option you’ve got for that. Just use it with or without sign up and then scan any website to find the issues with it. And if you fix all the issues, then you will start to see the difference in traffic as well as user retention.

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