Free Domain Analysis Tool by Moz to See SEO Metrics

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If you are in SEO line of work then Moz is probably not a new name for you. They offer some really amazing and useful SEO resources for general users and SEO professional. They previously had a domain analysis tool that you were allowed to use but now they have released the new domain analysis tool with more features. The new domain analysis tool of Moz shows some really useful SEO metrics about a domain of your choice. With this, you can see basic SEO details like domain authority, spam score, etc., along with some useful parameters. Now, it can even show you top linking domains, top featured snippets, top search competitors like details in the domain analysis report.

Here you can use it without any account but I think there is a search limit when you try to use it for free. The report that it generates is very precise and you can easily analyze some really useful SEO metrics. However, one problem is that you cannot export the report that it generates there. But if you use Chrome then you can try saving the report web page as PDF file. It uses some charts and graphs to show you the stats and make them easy for you to visualize.

Domain Analysis Tool by Moz to See SEO Metrics

Using Free Domain Analysis Tool by Moz to See SEO Metrics:

As I stated that you don’t need to sign up for a free account, you can just access this tool from here and then enter the domain you want to analyze. If you have a website then simply enter its domain in the text box and hit enter. Just wait for a couple of seconds and let it generate a report for you.

Domain Analysis Enter Website

It will take a few seconds to pull out the SEO metrics of your domains. It generates the domain report in a very beautiful way and mainly shows the following stats.

  1. Top Search Competitors
  2. Spam Score
  3. Linking Root Domains
  4. Top Ranking Keywords
  5. Top Linking Domains
  6. Keyword Ranking Distribution
  7. Top Pages
  8. Top Featured Snippets
  9. Top Branded Keywords
  10. # of Ranking Keywords
  11. Keywords by Estimated Clicks
  12. Domain Authority
  13. Top Search Questions
  14. Discovered and Lost Links

Domain Analysis Tool by Moz ina ction

In the screenshot above, you can see the report that it generated in my case. Similarly, you can generate it for your own domain and then do what you want. It is simple as that. All the parameters that it shows are self-explanatory. If you don’t understand something then learn about that from some SEO expert. Also, I would like to point it out again that there is no export option on the interface of this domain analysis tool. To export the report, you can save or print the current page and use PDF as the output option.

Closing thoughts

There are surely many domain analysis tools out there that you can use. But Moz is known for its accuracy and popularity among the SEO professional. Which is why their domain analysis tool is more credible than the tool others have published. In my opinion, I liked the way it generates report and I even crosscheck some results that it produced for my site, and they were accurate as expected. So, if you are looking for a decent and accurate domain analysis tool then use the one by Moz. The free report will be sufficient but if you want detailed link analysis then you can even upgrade to the premium version as well.

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