Review Code Changes on GitHub Automatically with this AI Tool for Free

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CodeRabbit reviews GitHub pull requests and generates an overview of what the changed code is about. It gives detailed explanation of changes and their impact on the repository.

Code reviews play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and maintainability of a project. However, reviewing code can be a tedious and time-consuming as it requires a keen eye for detail and expertise in the programming language. But CodeRabbit simplifies and enhances the code review process whenever a pull request is received. It generates an overview of changed code, detailed explanations of modifications, and error detection with suggested fixes.

CodeRabbit specifically targets GitHub pull requests, making the code review process more efficient and quick. With its intelligent analysis capabilities, CodeRabbit offers developers a comprehensive overview of what has been modified in the codebase, saving valuable time spent manually going through the pull requests. But for now, it is only free for open source projects. For private and commercial projects, you will need a subscription.

How to Review Code Changes on GitHub Automatically with this AI Tool for Free?

Go to the main website of CodeRabbit and then sign up for free account. You can sign up using your getup account and then select the repositories you want to give access. After you specify the list of depositories, for this tool been a start monitoring them for any pull request.

install coderabbit

Once a pull request arrives, the bot will be triggered automatically. It will start analyzing the proposed code changes. At first, it will generate the overview of the code changes, telling you exactly what the changed code does.

coderabbit overview

CodeRabbit goes beyond merely highlighting code changes; it also actively checks for errors and suggests fixes. By leveraging various static analysis techniques, CodeRabbit can identify potential bugs, inconsistencies, or problematic code patterns within the proposed changes.

coderabbit in action

In this way, you can now use CodeRabbit to do automatic code reviews for free. Analyze pull requests and get summary of the changes and potential shortcomings due to the new changes.


CodeRabbit really hints towards the future of code review tools. By providing developers with a clear overview of code changes, detailed explanations of modifications, and intelligent error detection with recommended fixes, CodeRabbit saves hours of work. I am really amazed by its functionality and ease of use. You just install it and forget it. It woks automatically without your intervention. Go ahead and try CodeRabbit to unlock the true potential of AI code review workflow today.


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