Free Website Design Tool With WYSIWYG Support: SiteSpinner Cloud

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SiteSpinner Cloud is a free website design tool that lets you easily design webpages and publish them on web. It’s an easy to use application that comes with WYSIWYG support and helps you in designing professional-looking web pages with ease. It comes packed with various templates, ready to be used as your web page layout, and offers custom design objects that you can drag and place anywhere and use in your webpage design. SiteSpinner Cloud also provides support for graphics creation and editing and offers free web hosting to publish your website.

This free website design tool is based on a simple approach: Design attractive web pages without having to dig deep into the programming fundas. So with SiteSpinner Cloud, you don’t have to be an experienced programmer; even a layman user can create professional-looking webpages with few mouse clicks. Let’s see how SiteSpinner Cloud helps you in building webpages quickly.

siteSpinner Cloud interface

Create attractive Web Pages with SiteSpinner Cloud:

SiteSpinner Cloud opens as a design editor listing a toolbox on the left and a blank working area at the center. You can choose to create your own project from scratch, or browse for a template. SiteSpinner Cloud provide custom objects like title, button, image, media file, or shapes to be added to your web pages. You can pick the required object from the tools panel, place it anywhere on the page, and customize it by changing its properties.

siteSpinner Cloud page design

Whenever you double-click on any object, a widow will open that allows you to edit properties of the object. This editor lists those properties which are specific for the selected objects, such as name and caption for Button, size, caption, alignment, and typeface for Title, etc.

Apart from that, SiteSpinner Cloud provides a separate Object Editor, a Geometry Editor, a Shading Editor, a Properties Editor, and a Page Editor. Let’s have a look on them.

  • Page Editor: The Page Editor allows you to edit properties of the entire web page. This include choosing page index, HTML extension,meta tags, header, color and typeface of links added to the page, effects like background image, background audio, and background color.siteSpinner Cloud page editor
  • Object Editor: The Object Editor list properties common to the page objects and allows you to modify them easily.These include changing object’s position, scaling, orientation, link properties, and visibility.siteSpinner Cloud object editor
  • Geometry Editor: The Geometry Editor lets you edit the geometry of the selected object. This include changing the object’s line color, width, height, rendering file format, etc.siteSpinner Cloud object editor
  • Shading Editor: The Shading Editor allows you to modify the fill settings of an object.
  • Properties Editor: This opens a quick Properties Editor and lets you quickly modify the above-listed properties of the selected object.siteSpinner Cloud propeties editor

This is how you can add and edit objects to your webpage and create attractive webpages using this free website design tool. The best part is that it offers lot of editors to easily and fully customize properties of each element added to the web page, without having to write long pieces of code.

Once you are finished, you can register for the free website hosting service and easily publish the website on web. This free account enables you to later modify the web page contents if needed.

siteSpinner Cloud web

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Key Features of this Free Website Design Tool:

  • Free website design tool for Windows.
  • Feature-rich and easy to use.
  • Provides WYSIWYG support.
  • Offers a bunch of custom templates.
  • Drag-and-Drop support for adding objects.
  • Offers lot of editors to modify object properties.
  • Powerful text editor for adding text to the web pages.siteSpinner Cloud text editor
  • Title Editor to edit and add title to the web pages. 
  • Easy to use.
  • Free hosting allows publishing pages to the web.
  • Spell check support.
  • Requires no prior programming knowledge.
  • Ad-free.

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The Final Verdict:

SiteSpinner Cloud is a nice free website design tool for designing webpages and publishing them on web with one click. It’s a great tool to create webpages without writing long pieces of code, however, the templates offered by SiteSpinner Cloud are quite basic. But the editing capabilities are really impressive and encapsulate almost everything needed to customize the web page elements. Try it out and share your views via comments.

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