Free Peer to Peer GitHub Alternative for Code Collaboration: Radicle

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Radicle is a free peer-to-peer alternative to GitHub. It lets you create new code repositories from scratch or from an existing one. You can share your code with other developers and collaborate on other projects. It lets you work locally and all your collaborators connect to your via peer to peer connection of Radicle network. It is a decentralized alternative to GitHub where you can create unlimited repositories and contribute to others. Here it offers desktop software to manage all things such as code reviews pull request and adding new files. It works on MAC and Linux for now and I hope in the new release they will add support for windows as well.

There are many GitHub alternatives that you can use which are self-hosted or hosted but the problem with them is that they’re kind of centralized. And if you want a decentralized alternative for extra privacy and full control over your  data then you can try Radicle here. It is simple and powerful code collaboration software. You can create unlimited repositories and do whatever you want. You can add remotes and follow repositories by others. Your data is safe and you can also support other projects and get paid on your own projects as well.

Peer to Peer GitHub Alternative for Code Collaboration Radicle

Free Peer to Peer GitHub Alternative for Code Collaboration: Radicle

You can go ahead and download Radicle for your PC from here. Next, you just open up and create an account. It will also ask you to set a passphrase and you will have to remember always. Better use some password managers to safeguard passphrase and this way you will never forget. Radicle will ask for passphrase every time you open it.

Radicle Get Started

After setting it up, you can just start creating repositories. But before that you will have to configure your shell in order to push changes via git into your Radicle repositories. So, do that and then you can start creating projects.

Radicle Create New Project

Now after you have created a repository, you can see all the files there. You can also see the commit history.

Radicle Project and Commit history

If you want to add a collaborator then you can easily do that. From the repository, go to “Manage remotes” and then simply enter device ID to add someone to collaborate on a project. This way, you can add collaborators.

Manage Remotes Radicle

Next, you can also follow other users via their ID. You can find that ID simply on the online Radicle and then you can follow them by adding their peer ID. This way you can find new projects and then follow them.

Radicle follow a project

This is all about this simple and quite powerful peer to pee GitHub alternative. Just download it and then get started. Create projects and then add collaborators and keep your code safe from censorship and data theft. The network is secure and you control everything.

Closing thoughts

Although there are many GitHub alternatives already, this Radicle here is kinds different and useful. I liked the way it works and there is a lot you can learn about it on its official documentation. The entire Radicle project is open source as well and you can check out the codebase on GitHub. So, if you are looking for a peer to peer GitHub alternative then it might be a pretty good option.

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