Online Vocabulary Games for Adults: 7 Free Websites

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This article covers 7 free vocabulary games which can be played online. Vocabulary games are a great way to improve your vocabulary and it can be a great way for kids to learn new words as well. These websites that we have included offer you different type of vocabulary games which can be played online. There are games like quiz, scrabble, crossword, hangman, etc. which can be played. The online vocabulary games challenge you and make you want to do better each time. Different websites offer different vocabulary games to engage you. These games can be played by adults or kids by choosing different difficulty levels.

Let’s look at these online vocabulary games below. has lots of vocabulary games to play. The website focuses on making connection between words and ideas, and words and pictures to build vocabulary skills. You will find games like unscramble, hangmouse, word search, letter blocks, build words, crosswords, vocabulary quiz, etc.

I liked a game called word find where you have some random letters given on your screen as can be seen in the above screenshot. You have to find 3 words and one main word out of these random letters. The three words can contain any number of letters from the given ones, but the main word should contain all the letters given on the board. You will see buttons for hint, submit, next, and clear at the bottom of the playing window. There are lot of other similar games which can be played to improve your English vocabulary.


Merriam-Webster is a popular name in the world on English as it is a popular dictionary referred to when looking up for words and their meanings. The website also has a vocabulary section where you can play various games to improve your vocabulary. The main featured vocabulary quiz can be seen in the screenshot above. This quiz has a total of 10 questions to judge your vocabulary and even make you learn some new words.

The quiz shows you a word and you have to select the right synonym for it from the four options given below. Your score is shown at the top and difficulty level is also shown at the top. Move on to the next question when you answer one. Apart from this vocabulary quiz you will find other games to play on this website as well. Some other vocabulary games that you will find are crossword, scrabble, dictionary devil, etc.

British Council

British Council has a vocabulary section with games to improve your vocabulary. You can choose from basic or intermediate level to start your learning process. The vocabulary pages are interactive with exercises to help you remember words. Both the basic and intermediate level have sub topics to get started with. You can choose the section which you want to learn about. Some topics you will find are actions, appearance, body parts, food, drinks, holidays, money, school, shopping, etc. Click on a topic to open the exercise with in it. Go through the exercise and then complete the tasks given at the bottom of the page.

The tasks at the end are very helpful as they make sure you remember what you have learned by asking you questions about the same.


Vocabulary let’s you play vocabulary game which is quite informative. Each time you answer a question wrong or right, you would be shown detailed information about the answer and why it was the right answer. So you are learning more each time you answer a question whether right or wrong. The website does ask you to sign in so that it can save your progress and see what you need help with. But you can continue without creating an account as well, your performance or points will not be saved though. The website also lets you create a vocabulary quiz with your own list of words. That is in case you need to learn some words for a test. When you start playing the game you would be given a word and you would be asked for a synonym, opposite, or something related to that word. You would be shown four options from which you have to choose the answer.


Knoword website has a fun vocabulary game. When you reach its home page you will see a interface like the one shown in the screenshot above. The first page of the game lets you pick the difficulty level you want to start at. The difficulty levels to choose from are easy, medium, and hard. Choose a level and click the start game button. Now press the enter key to begin the game. Remember the game is timed and you have to answer as many questions as you can in one and a half minute. After that game is over and you would be shown your score.

Now you will be shown a definition on your screen. From this definition you have to think of the word which relates to it. For helping you the first letter of the word will be shown at the top. The timer can be seen running at the top. Each time you answer a question right one second is added to your timer clock. In case you are not being able to think of the answer, press the skip button given on right side.

Exam English

Exam English offers a lot of practice tests for English learning people. They offer practice test papers for for competitive exams like IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge exams, etc. So you can find a lot of vocabulary related practice exercises here. When you reach this page you can scroll through the practice tests list given on the right side, as can be seen in the screenshot above. Go to the vocabulary test section, you will find 2 vocabulary tests in this list. Select one and start answering questions. The test has about 50 questions in it for you to practice. It is a multiple choice question answer format. So try these tests out to improve your English vocabulary.

To Learn English

To Learn English is a nice website to work on your English vocabulary. The website offers lots of practice tests to improve your English. The best part is when you select a test to work on, you will be given a short tutorial on that topic. Below this tutorial you can take the test related to it. So you learn something and then immediately do a test exercise, which will make you remember it easily. Also, you can choose which level you want to start working with. The levels of difficulty available are beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Another great feature in this website is that all the vocabulary exercises have been divided into various topics. So you can pick a topic and start working on it.


These are 7 free vocabulary games websites which let you play various vocabulary games. These games help you learn new words and improve your vocabulary. These games can be equally beneficial for kids or adults. Try these out and see how good your vocabulary is.

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