4 Free Online Dynamic QR Code Generator Websites

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Here are 4 best free online Dynamic QR Code generators. While a static QR code can’t be edited for later use, a dynamic QR code can be edited multiple times, anytime and stored online. You don’t have to begin from the scratch. Therefore, if your need is to create dynamic QR codes online, then these free websites will come in handy. All the sites let you create at least one dynamic QR code. Some of these websites also come with the feature to generate more than one dynamic QR code.

Some interesting and unique features are also present on these websites. For example, you can generate static QR codes, save QR code as PDF, EPS, SVG, or PNG vector format, create URL QR code, text QR code, QR code for sharing SMS, phone number, etc.

Let’s begin with first free online dynamic QR code generator.

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator website interface

QR Code Generator (Homepage) is one of the best online dynamic QR code generators. I like its very simple interface. It lets you create static QR codes as well. This website doesn’t come with any limitation for creating static and dynamic QR codes. You can create static QR codes without any sign up. To create dynamic QR codes, you need to sign in to your Google account. After that, you can create and store your dynamic QR codes online. Your QR codes can also be saved as SVG, EPS, and PNG image.

Creating the dynamic QR codes is pretty easy with this website. You can create URL, custom text, contact, SMS, and Phone QR code. The feature to preview QR code is also available here. In addition to that, you can also set the size (50px, 300px, 200px, etc.) of QR code. So, the features are quite useful and therefore it is a very good choice to online generate dynamic QR codes.


qrdby website

qrd°by is another useful online dynamic QR code generator. With its free plan, you can create 3 dynamic or static QR codes. You can also check stats related to your dynamic QR code like the total number of unique visits, requests, QR code date, online since, etc. To save QR code to PC, it supports PDF, EPS, and PNG formats.

The free plan also provides many other features. For example, you can create geo tagged QR codes, get QR codes with https, change the background color of QR code, add a logo, choose from predefined shapes, set error correction level, and more.

Creating a dynamic QR code is also very simple. You need to add the target URL, set its name (optional), choose medium to print QR code on (Magazine or Newspaper, Poster, Flyer, Brochure, Website, TV, etc.), change short URL of your dynamic QR code, etc. Use options as per your needs and then you can generate the custom dynamic QR code, save and share it. This website doesn’t help you create custom text, phone number, SMS, or other types of QR codes. Only URL QR code can be created. Still, the other features are pretty useful and therefore this online dynamic QR code maker is a good choice.

Note: You can get 5 more QR codes for free by liking their Facebook page or following the Twitter account. If you are not interested, then simply use this website for free with 3 QR codes.


uQR.me dynamic qr code generator website

uQR.me is a pretty helpful website to generate dynamic QR code. The free version of this website lets you create only one dynamic QR code but you can edit it as many times as you want. It also lets you change short URL (main URL) and redirect URL that will open once you scan QR code and click on the main URL. Your QR code can be saved as PDF, PNG, SVG, and EPS vector format files, which is a very good feature of this website.

This website also helps to check stats related to your QR code. You are able to check the total number of visits, total views, and new visits for your QR code. Stats report can also be saved as PDF and XLSX files.

There are many other features that make it a better dynamic QR code generator website. It lets you create URL, mobile page, vCard, Map, Social share, or other supported QR code and also lets you customize QR code template. You can set error correction level (L, M, Q, H), gradient color, choose eye templates, set dimensions (large, small, extra large, etc.), set QR code color, add a logo (SVG, PNG, GIF, or JPG) to your QR code, etc. The best part is while adding changes to your QR code, it also shows if QR code is readable. All of these features make it a powerful dynamic QR code creator.



TinyQR is also a nice website and it gives good competition to rest of the online dynamic QR code generators on this list. It lets you create only one dynamic QR code in the free plan but other features available are very good. It provides a unique feature to add password protection for QR code. Apart from that, you can check interesting stats about your QR code. You can check the total scans and unique visits for your QR code, check which device (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad, PC, etc.) was used to scan QR code, country/place, and a timeline to see the total number of visits per day. The stats can also be saved to PC as TXT, CSV, or XLS file.

Generating a dynamic QR code is very simple. You need to enter the label for your QR code, select QR code type (URL, phone number, text, WiFi password, Facebook profile URL, etc.), set password, and QR code can be generated. Finally, you can save QR code to PC as PNG, PDF, and SVG file. Option to save QR code as EPS and TIFF format is also available but this feature didn’t work for me.

All features are very good but one thing that I didn’t like is free plan offers 1000 scans only and the main URL that is used to access redirect URL entered by you can’t be changed. Otherwise, in terms of features, it is handy.

The Conclusion:

There are many free QR code generator software, apps, extensions, and other tools available but creating a dynamic QR code is not possible using such tools. Therefore, whenever you have to quickly generate a dynamic QR code, these websites are all you need. Among all these online dynamic QR code generators, the first website is my favorite.

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