2 Best Free 3D Fractal Generator Software for Windows

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Here are some best free 3D fractal generator software for Windows. These software allow you to generate a 3D fractal and export it. These software supports different 3D fractal types and lets you generate them with a lot of variations. You can tweak a lot of parameters to generate a desired fractal and save the preview. Some of these software allow you to save the fractal as an image in PNG, JPEG likely formats. You can also use a different formula to generate the final fractal in 3D mode.

Fractals are complicated structures that are generated using a mathematical algorithms. By combining many solid shapes, a fractal is generated. And it is more complex when it’s about 3D fractals. And in this article I have added some software that you can use to generate 3D fractals. You just have to select the type of fractal and specify the corresponding parameters. These software will render the 3D structure and after getting that you can do anything you want.

Best Free 3D Fractal Generator Software for Windows

2 Best Free 3D Fractal Generator Software for Windows:


Mandelbulber free 3d fractal generator

Mandelbulber is one of the best free 3D fractal generator software for Windows. The software supports several type of 3D fractal that you can generate. It allows you to fully customize the fractal parameters to get the final result. It supports 3D fractals like Mandelbulb, Mandelbox, BulbBox, JuliaBulb, Menger Sponge, Quaternion, Trigonometric, Hypercomplex, and certain others. You can use a different formula in it to generate the 3D fractal and it even lets you export the fractal as an image. For exporting the image, it supports formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, etc. It offers an intuitive interface where you can opt for a lot of parameters to obtain the final 3D fractal. There is a built-in viewer in the software where you can see the fractal that it has rendered. And the view supports zoom, scroll, like features.

If you have an excellent knowledge of fractals, then you can easily use this software. And if you don’t then there are some tutorial on YouTube that you can watch. The software is cross-platform so you can install it on your computer and run it. There are various fractals type that it supports that you can choose from the drop down. After that, you can opt for various other parameters to tweak the look and feel of the fractal that will be generated. After setting all the parameters, you can hit the “Render” button and it will show the final fractal view. However, it will take few seconds to a few minutes to render the fractal.

Incendia Next

Incendia Next free 3d fractal generator

Incendia Next is another free 3D fractal generator software for Windows that you can use. It comes with an intuitive user interface and it is very powerful one. It can save very high quality images and it is simpler than the software above. Also, it allows you to opt for a lot of parameters to generate final 3D fractal and save it. It has some fractal designs already and you can opt to modify them according to your will. You will find options like tweaking rendering and camera settings, diffuse, projection, symmetry, shadow, control sensitivity, and a lot others.

Using this software to generate a 3D fractal is simple if you are familiar with fractal parameters. You just have to select a fractal pattern from the list on the left side and it will open in the viewer of the software. You can customize the various parameters according to the output you want. The tweaking options are on the left pane. After specifying various parameters, you can start the rendering process. It will render the fractal when you click on the “Render” button. However, it takes longer time to generate it than the above software does. If you have a high-capacity graphics hardware on your PC, then it will work faster. After getting the fractal, you can export it as an image.

Final Thoughts

These are the best free 3D fractal generator software that I have found so far. If you have some knowledge of fractals or 3D fractals, then you will find it very easy to use these software. You just have to specify different parameters to generate the final 3D fractal and export it. So, if you are looking for free 3D fractal generator for Windows, then the software above will come in handy.

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