10 Best Websites to Legally Watch Movies Online Free

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Here are 10 best websites to legally watch movies online free. Using these websites you can easily browse thousands of movies and stream them online for free. The movies offered by these websites are from various categories and genres like Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Comedy, Musical, Thriller, Sci-Fi, and more. You can browse these categories and watch your favorite movies directly on these websites.

These websites either host movies on their servers or upload them from third parties, public domains, independent producers, etc. Some of these websites even allow you to favorite movies to access them later and also download movies. If you’re more into watching documentaries, then you can check out these 10 free websites to watch documentaries.

watch movies online free

Now, let us get started with the websites.

Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is probably one of the best websites to legally watch movies online for free. It offers thousands of movies (and TV shows) from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and later. You can watch all these movies directly on the website with the help of the built-in video player and add them to “Queue’ for later use. It lets you browse movies from more than 25 categories such as Drama, Horror, Comedy, Thrillers, Action, Romance, and so on. You can also sort the movies by Featured, Trending, New Arrivals, Not on Netflix, Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes, etc. Even though most of the movies are free to watch, but there are some movies which are paid and can only be watched after you rent them. The movies offered by this website are from the official partners of Tubi TV, which include LionsGate, MGM, starz, etc. Most of the movies and TV shows on this website are ad-supported, and that is the basic business model of this website.


SnagFilms is also one of the best websites to watch free movies online legally. There are thousands of movies (and TV shows) available from classic to modern which you can stream on this website. This website primarily has indie movies as well as documentaries. The movies can be explored from more than 30 categories including Festival, Foreign, Latino, War, Politics, Bollywood, Fantasy, Music, and more. It also displays all the movies by Popular Films and Recent Films such that you can easily find the movies which you’re looking for. Apart from watching movies, you can also add them to “Queue” to find them later with ease. The movies which you can watch for free on this website are from independent producers.


Viewster is another amazing website which offers tons of movies and lets you stream them online for free. There are around 20 categories from which you can browse movies such as Anime, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Korean Drama, Western, LGBT, and so on. This website includes old as well as new movies. You can click on any of the movies and start watching it using the built-in video player on the website. It also lets you Like movies, access watch history, and more. All the movies offered by Viewster are licensed as per the website and can be watched for free. Viewster also comes with an iPhone and Android app which you can use to watch movies on your phone.


Hotstar is one of the best movie streaming services in India. Apart from free Bollywood movies, it also offers tons of foreign movies including Hollywood, Korean, and more. The movies are categorized into Action, Drama, Kids, Romance, Thriller, Horror, Family, and Documentary. You can watch all the free movies directly on the website without spending a single penny. In addition to the free movies, there are many paid movies as well which you can watch after registering for a premium account. Hotstar also offers mobile apps such that you can watch the movies on your iPhone, Android, etc. The movies offered on this website can be watched legally, as they are not pirated versions.

Classic Cinema Online:

Classic Cinema Online is one of the best websites to legally watch classic movies from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, etc. completely free. The website offers hundreds of classic movies which are categorized into Drama, Romance, Film Noir, Western, Religious, Suspense, and so on. It even comes with a section where you can browse old silent movies and watch them on the website. This website is for those who love to watch classic movies only. Similar to “F Movies”, it also comes with an option to download the movies for free. All the movies are from public domain.


Retrovision is similar to “Classic Cinema Online” and offers hundreds of classic movies. You can browse tons of classic movies from the 40s, 50, 60s, etc. and stream them online for free. The movies are divided into categories like Adventure, Comedy, Classic TV, Cartoon, Crime, Drama, Horror, War, and more. Another useful feature is that you can browse movies with the help of various tags associated with each category. If you’re a classic movie lover, then this website is for you. The source of the movies offered by this website is different public domains.


Moviezoot can also be used to watch hundreds of movies for free online. Mostly, the movies offered by this website are from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. You can explore the movies from categories like Martial Arts, Musicals, Action, Horror, Comedy, War, Western, and more. Each category contains dozens of movies which you can stream directly on the website. So, if you love watching movies of 70, 80s, etc. then this website is what you need to watch them for free.


Archive.org also comes with a “Movies” thread where you can find thousands of movies and watch them online. The movies categorized into different genres like Comedy, Film Noir, Sci-Fi, Horror, Silent Films, Feature Films, and so on. Most of the movies are classic and from the 40s, 50s, 60s, etc. Even though the movies offered by this website are old, the quality of the movies is very good. All the movies are from public domains and you can stream them online without paying anything. One of the best features of this website is that it also allows you to download the movies for free.


YouTube is no doubt one of the best platform to watch videos uploaded by organizations, companies, and individuals. Apart from that, YouTube also hosts thousands of free movies for you to watch. Earlier there was a specific category in YouTube where all the free movies where available. But, this is not the case anymore as all the free movies are now scattered across different channels on YouTube. That means to watch a free movie on YouTube, you have to now search for it manually. But, thanks to some of the YouTube channels that shows a collection of free movies which you can watch on YouTube. Some of the YouTube channels where you can find free movies are PopcornFlix, Movies HD Free 24/7, New Full YouTube Movies (by Rachel Nason), etc.

Watch Documentaries:

watch documentaries online

If movies are not your things, then there are tons of websites that provide thousands of documentaries that you can watch online. I have created a list of 10 such websites here. Go through this list and discover unlimited hours of documentaries that you can watch online for free. Many of these websites also let you download documentaries that you can watch at your leisure.

Closing Words:

These are some of the best websites which you can use to watch movies online free and legally. No matter which kind of movies you like, as they offer movies from different categories like Action, Romance, Comedy, and so on. So, start watching your favorite movies using these websites.

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