Group Emotion Recognition Android app to Detect Emotions from Group Image

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In this article, you will read about a group emotion recognition Android app. Group Emotion Recognition is a free app that helps you to detect emotions from a group image. It is a quite useful app in terms of taking feedback without asking for feedback. All you need to do is click a group picture and upload it in the app. Then, the app will detect emotions of the group of people in public.

This emotion recognition app has the main focus on public expression. You can analyze crowd reaction on a specific service given by you. Suppose you’re promoting your product/brand and you offer a few samples to the street crowd. While the people experience your brand, you can take a group picture to upload in the app. Doing so, you can know the crowd reaction if the reaction was happy or sad. The app has a good feature to detect emotions of each face in the group photo.

detect emotions from the group image

Group Emotion Recognition Android app to Detect Emotions from Group Image

To get started, you need to download the app called Group Emotion Recognition. You can easily find it on the Google Playstore.

After the installation what you need to do is to upload a group image. You can either capture an image of a group or upload it from your image gallery. Make sure that the faces in the image are clear enough to detect. Side face, blur face, down face cannot be recognized.

When the image is uploaded, you can go forward by clicking on the Process Image (Green) button. This emotion recognition app detects emotion as Positive, Neutral, and Negative in percentage.

detect emotions individually

If you scroll a bit more, you will find the CNN predictions. At this point, you can recognize the expression or emotion individually. If the image has three people, the app detects the emotion of each face if it is happy, neutral or sad.

Apart from this, you can find out the report in three methods such as:

  • CNN only
  • Bayesian Network only
  • Both; CNN and Bayesian Network

In brief

I really find this app quite helpful. Because it is quite embarrassing to ask for customer feedback repeatedly. But this app helps you to get the feedback without even annoying your customers. You can simply add the group image and detect emotions of the people in the crowd. Try this app and get the crowd analytics.

Try this app.

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