Free Fitness Training Assistant with Posture Correction: Physique AI

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Physique AI is a free home fitness training assistant with posture correction. This app is basically meant for people who do exercise daily. There are some workout log book apps to do the similar thing but here this one has one extra crucial features that sets it apart. Here it comes with an AI based training assistant that helps you correct the posture while you are exercising. The computer vision algorithm that it constantly analyzes your movements via phone camera and will tell you if you are doing anything wrong. Right now, it supports posture correction for squats, planks, and push-ups.

If you are a fitness freak then you will love this fitness training app as it will help you perform safer and effective workouts. It uses the front camera of your phone to analyze your body posture and give instant feedback. Apart from AI assistant, it even has automatic logging capabilities. There will be support for more exercise in the later updates, right now, you can just grab the beta version and give it a run. Also, it asks for your body paramerts and then you can track stats of all your exercising activities on the main UI.

Free Fitness Training Assistant with Posture Correction Physique AI

Free Fitness Training Assistant with Posture Correction

Just install this app from Google Play Store from here and then you can simply start by creating a free account on the app. After email verification, you just sign in and there you will have to specify your body measurements such as height and weight.

Physique AI Get Started

Now, you will be on the main UI from where you can start the assistant. Just use it when you are about to do exercise and then choose the training module accordingly. For example, if you start your exercises by doing planks then use the plank module. Just place your phone as it says on the instruction and lie inside the frame as shown on the screen and when you are ready, you can start the exercise. Also, do not forget to turn up the volume so you can hear when the posture is not correct.

Physique AI Start Excercise

You can now use the other modules of the exercise and see the stats on the main interface. There you can see workout stats and the amount of calories that you have burned so far. And you can see how much weight that you have lost or and other things like that there.

Physique AI Analytics and Stats

In this way, you can see this simple and powerful AI based fitness training app on your phone. Just use it for the daily exercise routine and see how it will help you perform safer exercise.

Closing words:

If you are a real fitness freak then I am sure you will love this for its AI based posture correction. Right now it only supports 3 exercises but since it is in early access I hope they will add modules for other exercises in the stable public release. If you want to try this app then just go ahead and install it and let us know what you think.

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