Free Email Warm Up Tool for Gmail and Outlook Addresses: Warmbots

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Warmbots is a free online email warm up tool for Gmail and Outlook addresses. Here it lets you warm up 3 addresses for free and you can stop the warm process anytime you want. It basically sends email to other Warmbots users from your email account to decrease the spam rate. You can specify how many emails it should send and then leave it on autopilot.

Before this I wrote about the email warm up tool of GMass and now this one here seems to be doing to pretty good job. If you have created new email address for your marketing for sales emails, then you need to first warm it up to avoid your messages from being landed in spam. It is essential for cold emails that the sender the address has a good reputation.

Almost all the email warm up tools out there are premium and the free ones are in very tiny minority. But I am glad to share a very nice any environment tool that you can use for your personal as well as work email. It was over the time and for best results, I won’t say you left me for at least three months.

Free Email Warm Up Tool for Gmail and Outlook Addresses Warmbots

Free Email Warm Up Tool for Gmail and Outlook Addresses: Warmbots

You just need to sign up for a free account in order to start warming up and email address. So create a free account on Warmbots and then from the main dashboard, you need to connect the email inbox that you want to warm up. You can connect up to 3 Gmail or Outlook addresses to begin with.

Warmbots Getting Started

Whatever email inbox issues, just proceed with the authorization process. Allow Warmbots to access your account and send emails on your behalf.

Warmbots Authorize

After you have authorized access your Gmail or Outlook account, you need to configure some filters. It shows you the full guide how to do that and after you create the filters as it tells you to, you can finish the authorization process.

Warmbots Configure Filters

At this point, your email account has been added and will send cold emails to other Warmbots users. The email authority will increase over time, and we just have to be a little patient while it warming up your email address.


You can also see deliverability reports that it creates for you. The deliverability report will tell you how you are connected to the email account is performing.

Warmbots Deliverability Report

After everything is set up, you can leave it on autopilot. It will keep warming up your email account behind your back and you can see the stats right from the dashboard. If you want, you can also disconnect any email account to stop the email warming up process.

Warmbots Stats

In this way, you can use this simple and powerful email warming up tool, which is free and straightforward. The limit of warning of in3 mailboxes is sufficient for businesses with a few sales or marketing people. Right now this tool is in beta and when it released to public then you may end up for a premium account to have of options for warming up more than three email addresses.

Closing words:

If you are looking for a free email warming up tool, then you are at the right place. Just use the tool I have mentioned here and warm up any Gmail or address. The free version is very nice and if you are in the marketing line of work then it will be a very useful tool that will help you prevent your cold emails from being landing in spam folder of your prospects.

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