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Audio Recorder For Free is a free audio recording software which let’s you record audio from various different sources. It lets you record audio from sources like media player, internet broadcasts or sources like micro phones, CD’s or any other sound source. Apart from being an audio recorder this software is a real-time audio player and a sound editor. So you can use this audio recorder as a multi purpose tool. Audio recorded using Audio Recorder For Free is very very close to the original sounds as this software uses a virtual sound card to record the sound which are played through your computer’s sound card.

Let’s get into the Details of this Audio Recorder For Free:

The basic interface of Audio Recorder For Free is quite attractive with nice graphics and almost all the options to record, play the sound files at a single mouse click:

Audio recorder for free

As you can see from the above image, the buttons for the purposes fulfilled by this recorder are so well arranged that any user can use all the features provided by it very easily.

Let’s discuss the working and features provided by this Audio recorder:

Recording a Sound:  You can very easily record any sound, just play the sound in your computer (it can be from any source like a CD, microphone, Internet, etc.) and click on the RECORD button.  The sound will start recording, you can pause the recording by clicking the pause button and stop it using the stop button. The time of recording is shown on the left pane (as indicated).

Playing Sound:  You can add files from your computer and play them to listen to the songs. The general controls like, play, pause, stop, add file, remove file, etc. are provided at the bottom most area of the interface.

Editing Sound:  You can also edit the sounds here, just click on the Edit Audio Files, an editor window will open where you can edit the sounds.

Mixing The Sounds: Audio Recorder for free also gives you the facility to mix the sounds.


Here, you can select one sound from the library and other one from any sound source and do the settings for Volume and Balance and mix them.

More Options: Click on the options button and you will get many options for scheduling the recording, selecting the files types, and some general settings options.


As you can see, setting can be made for the output file type (MP3, OGG, WMA or WAV file) and the output directory. You can also set hotkeys for operating the recorder and set the day and time to automatically start the recording.

Download and Installation:

Audio Recorder For Free can be downloaded from here. Just download the setup and install the application just like any other application.


Audio Recorder For Free is a very nice application for recording the sound, listening the sound files, mixing the sound files, and even scheduling the recording according to a specified time. It works very fast and the interface is so attractive that you will enjoy using it.

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