Split Screen Chrome Extension to Open Multiple Websites in One Tab

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Janus Workspace is a free split screen Chrome extension to open multiple websites in one tab. This extension can help you open up as many websites as you want in one single Chrome tab. After installing this extension, it will allow you to split the screen of a new tab into multiple web frames and then open a separate website in each web frame. The best part is that each of the web frames come with their own navigation, making it easier for you to browse multiple websites separately in one tab. It also allows you to change the size and margin of the web frames such that the frames are not distorted.

Normally, what happens is when you open multiple websites in Google Chrome, the title bar of the tabs slowly becomes shorter and makes it difficult for you to understand which website is opened in which tab. Even if you can figure out the website which you have opened in different tabs, sometimes it becomes irritating as you have to switch tabs repeatedly. But, Janus Workspace can help you get rid of all these problems and surf multiple websites in one tab.

split screen chrome extension

A few days back, I have reviewed some notepads with split screen view which lets you open multiple files side by side. Not only that, I even managed to find some free services like “Tile Tabs” and “Draftable” which lets you open multiple PDF files in split pane. But, when it comes to browsing multiple Chrome tabs in split pane, then there is no such default option in Google Chrome to do that. So, this is where “Janus Workspace” can come in handy.

How to Open Multiple Websites in One Chrome Tab:

Step 1: To get started, simply install Janus Workspace on your Chrome browser and then you will see an extension icon on the toolbar. After that, simply click on the extension icon and then select the option “Open Janus Workspace New Tab”.

Step 2: As soon as you do that, it will open up a new tab where you will see a big “+” button at the bottom. You can use this “+” button to add multiple web frames in the same tab. In each web frame, you can open a different website of your choice.

Step 3: When you’re done adding web frames, you will see an address bar at the top of each web frame where you can enter the website URL and open it up. This way you can open multiple websites in one Chrome tab. Opening a website in one web frame will not affect all the other web frames which you have added.

Step 4: After opening multiple websites in one tab, you can browse, scroll, and refresh them individually. Another useful feature of Janus Workspace is that it lets you change the size of the web frames and also the margin between two web frames. For this, you need to click on the circular button at the top of the “+” button on the new tab. After that, a popup window will appear on which you can drag the slider associated with the “Frame Size” and “Frame Margin” options to change the size and margin of the web frames.

Closing Words:

Janus Workspace is a very useful Chrome extension which can assist you to open multiple websites in one tab by splitting the screen into web frames. Personally, I like this extension as it can be used to open as many websites as you want in one single Chrome tab. That means no more opening different tabs for browsing multiple websites in Google Chrome.

Get “Janus Workspace” from here.

Editor Ratings:
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