Free Alternative to The Great Suspender with Cloud Sync for Chrome: Tabji

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Tabji is a free and privacy-friendly alternative to The Great Suspender Chrome extension that Google flagged a year ago. It was a remarkable extension to suspend inactive tabs and had a massive user base. After its removal from the Chrome Store, many alternatives have been pushed so far, but Tabji is probably the best. Apart from suspending tabs, it also comes with cloud sync feature.

Tabji lets you save a session to cloud  and then you can restore it in a few clicks. However, the cloud sync feature is secondary and comes with a freemium model. The core functionality of the extension is to put any tab on sleep manually as well automatically. You can set up sleep intervals and then it will put inactive tabs to sleep accordingly.

Not too long ago, I wrote about the Sleeping Tabs feature of Microsoft Edge that has the same functionality. Since Chrome hasn’t introduced something like sleeping tabs as a native feature, The Great Suspender was a good option. But now that gone so, people are looking for alternatives, and Tabji is one of the ones I come across.

Alternative to The Great Suspender with Cloud Sync for Chrome Tabji

Free Alternative to The Great Suspender with Cloud Sync for Chrome: Tabji

Add Tabji to Chrome and then simply get started. If you don’t want to use the cloud sync, then you dont have to create any account. Just click on its icon and then you will see some options that you can use.

Tabji UI

To put any tab to sleep immediately, you just use the “Suspend this tab now” option. After that, it will immediately put the current tab to sleep. After the tab been put to sleep, you will see Tabji icon on it. To later wake it up, you will need to click or refresh it.

Tabji Suspending Tabs

You can also put tabs to sleep automatically. For that, you just have to configure the sleeping interval in the extension settings. Save the settings and from now on, it will automatically put the inactive tabs to sleep.

Tabji Automatic Tab Sleep

One of the amazing features of this Chrome extension is cloud sync. In case you are skeptical whether you will be able to recover a session, you can save it in cloud. But for that, you will have to sign up for a free account. And the free plan lets you save up to tabs in the cloud.

Tabji Suspend Session to Cloud

If you want to make some exceptions, then you can do that. Basically, you can add domains in the exception lists and it will not put tabs with those URLs to sleep.

Tabji Exceptions

In this way, you can use this simple Chrome extension in place of The Great Suspender. All the features are kind of the same and even better as it uses Chrome’s built-in APIs to do the heavy lifting. The cloud sync is not the primary feature, but you can use if you like.


If you are missing The Great Suspender plugin then you can now try Tabji in its place and I am sure it won’t disappoint you. You can now use it to efficiently put tabs to sleep and do more. I liked the powerful set of features that it has to offer, and I am especially amazed by cloud sync. So, if you need a solid solution for optimizing the browsing experience on Chrome, then give it a try and let me know what you think.

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