Chrome Extension to Forcibly Open a Webpage in your Friends Browser

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Shove is a Chrome extension which allows you to forcibly open a page in your friends web browser. Its like sharing links with friends, but with this extension you can force the link to open in your friends web browser. So you can be sure that your friend saw what you sent and did not ignore it. With emails or messages you never know if your friend saw the link you sent or not. But, using Shove you can be sure that all the links you share are seen by your friends.

Let’s look at how to use this extension:

shove home page

Step 1: Open the website from the link given at the end of this article.

Step 2: On the website home page click the “add Shove to Chrome” button as shown in the above screenshot. This will take you to the page of the extension. From here click the “add to Chrome” button. A confirmation window will pop up, click on Add button to complete the installation.

Step 3: Once completed a hand icon will start appearing in the bookmarks bar. When you click on the hand icon, a menu window will open up asking you to sign in or create a new account.

shove sign in

Step 4: Go ahead and create a new account. After creating a new account, you need to add your friends to your list.

shove add friend

Step 5: Your friends should also be registered with Shove to be added to your list. Just search for your friends using their username. Once found send them a request to add them to your list. After they accept your request, you can go ahead and share links with them. List of my friends is visible in the screenshot below.

shove friends list

If you are currently on the webpage that you want to share with your friends, then simply click the Shove icon at the top right corner of your browser and from there select the friend you want to share this webpage with. As soon as you select the friends username, the page you shared will start opening in his browser.

No matter what your friend is doing, as soon as you Shove a webpage, it will take over your friends browser and open the webpage you shared. It can be annoying also if you over do it, but can be helpful also to share links easily.

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I found this extension pretty cool and fun. You can always interrupt your friends by sending them random websites and they can’t control it, the links you send will definitely open in their browser. You can even share videos, or websites you like with your friends. And there is no way they can miss what you are sharing with them.

Check out Shove Chrome extension here.

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