Free Color Converter Software with Color Picker and Color Palette Maker

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Colora is a free color converter software with color picker and color palette maker. Using this software, you can do these three different tasks at a time. The color converter part of the software lets you convert colors between RGB, HEX, HSB, and CMYK. The screen color picker tool of the software is good and accurate as well. You can pick color from very tiny pixels on your screen and create a color palette. You can either save the color palette as COL file or you can export that to GIMP. All the pallets are editable and you can anytime create color palette either from picked colors or manually.

For the above mentioned features of this software, you generally use different software. There are some separate color picker software, color palette generator software, and color code converter software. But if you want a tool that has all these capabilities, then Colora is a very good option. This tiny software is handy to use and if you often play with colors, then you will like it.

Colora interface

Using this Color Converter Software with Color Picker and Color Palette Maker:

Colora is simple software that comes in portable version too. You can easily use it to pick screen colors, convert colors, and make color palette. Also, it has a nice user interface that makes it easy to understand it and work with it.

Here are some easy steps to demonstrate how to use Colora as a nice color converter, screen color picker and color palette maker.

Step 1: After getting this software, simply open it and you will encounter its interface which is similar to this screenshot. On its interface, you will see different sections which serve the different purpose.

Colora interface

Step 2: To use the screen picker tool of the software, simply click on “Pick on Screen” option and start moving cursor to various points on your screen. To capture a color from current location which is being pointed, simply hit Ctrl+Alt+C keyboard shortcut. The captured color will be added to the palette list. See this screenshot.

Colora free color picker

Step 2: To use the color converter, you can select a color from any saved palette or, you can use a color from the picked ones. As you select any color, its corresponding color codes will be displayed. You can switch to different tabs corresponding to see different color values in other formats like HEX, CYNK, etc.

Colora color converter

Step 3: Your captured colors will be saved to a palette automatically. You can view them and save them as COL file. Also, you can save the palette as GIMP color palette as well that you can later import in GIMP.

Colora color palette creator

In this way, you can use this free software with color picker, color converter, and color palette maker. The software is very simple and will help you if you work with colors more often.

Final thoughts

If you want a standalone software with a color picker, color converter, and color palette creator, then Colora is a very good choice. You can get three different tools at one place and then use them as you wish. The software is simple yet powerful and if you are looking for something like this, then you will like it.

Get Colora here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 7 Average: 2.7]
Works With: Windows, Windows 10
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