Free 3D Modeling Software To Create, Mash 3D Models

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Autodesk Meshmixer (or simply Meshmixer) is free 3D modeling software. It lets you easily create, mash, and sculpt 3D designs. You can generate your own 3D model by using dozens of tools and shapes. You will also be able to refine the surfaces of the object and mold it, like you are using a virtual clay.

This free 3D modeling software also provides different shaders, brushes, editing tools, etc. to generate a beautiful 3D model that you can use in your project or wherever you want to. From beginners to experts, this 3D modeling software can be a good choice. It also lets you print the final model using a 3D printer, if you have one.

See the screenshot below that shows the interface of this free 3D modeling software.

Autodesk Meshmixer- interface

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Key Features of Autodesk Meshmixer are:

  • You can import Mesh files of different formats, such as: *.obj, *.amf, *.mix, etc. It also lets you append mesh with currently active document or replace the document.
  • Feature to export your 3D design in any of the supported format or to save design to your Autodesk 123D account is also available.
  • It also provides ‘Configure Units’ option in Actions menu to check X, Y, and Z dimensions in mm/cm/in.
  • All tools are neatly separated to use them easily.
  • Preview option before printing the design is also available.

How To Use This Free 3D Modeling Software To Create 3D Mashes?

First of all, you have to download this software. You can use the download link placed at the end of this review. After downloading and installing this software, you can either begin with your own design or can use available Meshmix objects. When you open its interface, you will see options to import a Mesh file or select an object (like Bunny, Sphere, and Plane). See the screenshot below.

import a Mesh file or object

After this, you can use tools to begin with your creativity and 3D designing skills. Left sidebar contains all the necessary and available tools that you can use to combine multiple models or build your own design. Important tools present in this free 3D modeling software from AutoDesk are:

  • Import Tool: When you have to append a Mesh file with currently active project or replace the project with new file, you can use this tool.
  • Meshmix Tool: This is one of the important tool that comes with different 3D objects, which you can use in your project.
    Meshmix tool
  • Sculpt Tool: This tool provides bunch of brush effects that are used to refine and mold the surfaces of the object or your model. Available effects are: Drag, Pinch, Spikes, Move, BubbleSmooth, ShrinkSmooth, etc. You can also select size, depth, and strength for brush. After selecting the brush, you can apply effect to desired area by pressing and holding left mouse button.
    Sculpt tool
  • Stamp Tool: Here you will find some preset stamps that you can apply to an object. This tool also contains all the stamps created by you.
  • Select Tool: It is helpful to select the mesh faces. You can either use Lasso Mode or Paint Mode for selection. Apart from this, you can also use this tool to create a custom shape and convert it into stamp.
    Select Tool
  •  Edit Tool: Using this tool, you can add mirror effect to object, create duplicate, move, rotate, or scale the mesh, and much more.
  • Shaders Tool: This tool brings multiple shades that you can apply to an object by just dragging and dropping a particular shape to the mesh. See the screenshot below:
    Shaders tool

All these tools will help to refine your mesh and beautify your design. When your design is ready, you can finally take print, or export it to PC.


Indeed Autodesk Meshmixer is one of the best tools for creating 3D models. It is really fun and there is so much to do to enhance your 3D modeling skills. If you have an interest or want to try your hand in 3D modeling, then give it a try.

Get Autodesk Meshmixer free.

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