Free Double Entry Book Keeping Software For Windows: FreeDebks

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FreeDebks is a double entry book keeping software available free for Windows system. It’s a handy and lightweight application that allows you to systematically record financial data and maintain double entry accounts using computer-based tools. FreeDebks is simple, lightweight, and targeted for small firms and business associations.

Double entry book keeping is an accounting system which is based on the fact that every financial transaction has two parts, and hence its entry in the accounting book (ledger) will reflect in two different ledger accounts. One of them will involve a debit entry, since amount is being transferred to that account, and the other will involve a credit entry, since the amount has been taken from that account. To balance these accounts, you need to make sure that for every transaction, the value of debits must be equal to the value of credits. FreeDebks is a computerized system that lets you easily maintain the ledger accounts for double entry book keeping.

FreeDebks is available as a freeware and can be downloaded easily using the link given at the end of this article. Once downloaded, you can install it in your system and start using it for financial record keeping of your firm.

FreeDebks interface 01

A Brief Overview of FreeDebks:

FreeDebks is a simple and easy to use double entry book keeping software that comes with a user friendly interface. The program window comprises of a set of tools that you can use to maintain ledger accounts for your firm. You can start by creating a new ledger and specifying details like starting and ending date of the financial year, accounting label, and corporation name.

FreeDebks ledger

Once this is done, you will be provided with three different tabs for maintaining chart of accounts, journal, and result sheet for your financial transactions.

FreeDebks accounts

You can enter details about all type of accounts involved in your business, maintain a journal for recording fund transfer, profits, cash flows, etc., and compute results based on the accounting transactions. The program lets you easily record each entry and displays an information dock at the bottom showing account summary involved in the accounting system.

FreeDebks journal

Key Features of this Free Double Entry Book Keeping Software:

  • Free double entry book keeping software for Windows.
  • Let’s you manually record financial transactions and compute ledger balance.
  • Quick access tools listed at the top.
  • Shows information dock at the bottom.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • Simple and lightweight.

Also check out Monex, a free personal finance manager for managing finance through double entry book keeping.

The Final Verdict:

FreeDebks is a nice free double entry book keeping system, though its not as much powerful as other freely available accounting software. Moreover, there is no user manual or online help available, which makes it difficult to understand by novice users. Download free, try it out at your end, and leave your response in comments.

Get FreeDebks here!

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