Windows 10 Food Game App for Kids: Crazy Jelly Jam Maker

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Crazy Jelly Jam Maker is a free Windows 10 food game app for kids where they will learn how to make jelly and jam through various recipes. The game app is fun for kids who always seem interested in helping their mother out when they cook in the kitchen. This game can give them a feeling of cooking something and they may also develop a liking for eating some of the things used in the recipes.

The Windows 10 food game app for kids can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will come across a colorful interface with beautiful graphics, as shown in the screenshot below.

crazy jelly jam maker home

Click the play button to start the jelly jam making process. You can also turn the music and sound off from here using the settings button on the top left side. When you click the start button, you will get a recipe selection book like shown in the screenshot below.

crazy jelly jam maker recipe selection

The recipe book has lots of recipes to create, choose the one that you or your kid is interested in making. Once selected click on the forward arrow button to go to the next screen.

crazy jelly jam maker fruit in the mixer

Now put the fruit recipe you selected in the blender to blend it. Once you complete the blending by putting everything in the blender click the next button.

crazy jelly jam maker ingredients

Now add all the other ingredients in a pan one by one. You will need to click and drag each item to the bowl to pour it in. One ingredient at a time can be mixed. Once done and the mixture come to a boil, then your recipe is ready. Now click the next button to set the table for everyone to eat.

crazy jelly jam maker addons

Also now you have to choose the addon things you want on your table. You can choose different types of juices, table cloth, toppings, and cakes. Once done on to the next screen.

crazy jelly jam maker sandwich

Now you have to apply the jam on a bread piece and make a sandwich. Once you are done making the sandwich, now you come to the most important part, eat the sandwich.

That is all, now you can start all over again with a new recipe. Kids will have a lot of fun doing this, as they always love to play games and cooking is everyones favorite game.


Crazy Jelly Jam Maker is a fun game for kids who will enjoy making various recipes with out the actual mess. Kids do see their moms cooking in the kitchen and that always makes them interested in cooking or at least helping out. You can use this game to teach your kids how things are done and they will also develop a fondness for eating couple of the recipes in real.

Check out Crazy Jelly Jam Maker for Windows 10 here.

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