Merge Multiple PDF Files Page by Page with PDF24’s Zipper Method

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PDF24 is probably the most powerful free PDF file processing toolkit available right now. It comes with a lot of PDF operations that you can perform on single or multiple PDF files. In the latest release, the developers have added some new features in it and one of those features is the Zipper Method.

This is a kind of PDF combining method which lets you merge multiple PDF files page by page. Here you can add multiple files on its interface and then merge them using the zipper method in just a few clicks. Also, before getting final merged file, it shows its preview.

We have covered some PDF merger software before and what they do is just merge one file at the end of other in the queue. But this is not how the Zipper Method works here to merge files. Here it lets you merge files page by page. Means the PDF merge operation will work like first page of each PDF files will be added first then second, third, and so on. In this manner the new PDF file will be generated that you can save anywhere you like.

Merge Multiple PDF Files Page by Page

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Page by Page with PDF24’s Zipper Method?

PDF24 is available online as well comes as a freeware for Windows. You can download PDF24 from here and then simply install it and then open it up. Select the PDF Creator from the main UI and then creator’s interface will show up which looks like as shown in the screenshot below. Here you can see the icon of the newly added Zipper Method in the toolbar.

PDF24 Creator Zipper Free

Now, you start adding files that you want to merge. Click on the “Add” icon to select PDF files from different locations on your PC and then see their preview. Also, if you want to reorder the PDF sequence then you can do that with drag and drop operation.

PDF24 add PDF files in queue

Next when you have specified the sequence then you can simply start merging process. Just click on the ZIP icon from the toolbar and then it will start the merge operation. When merge operation completes, you will see the final PDF file on its interface and you can see its preview.

PDF24 Zipper Method in action

That’s it. At this point the PDFs have been merged page by page via Zipper Method of PDF24. You can save the final file using the save button from the toolbar of the software. PDF24 has a long list of features beside the Zipper Method. You can use it for PDF printing, PDF splitting, rotating PDFs, extract pages from PDF, and some others. You can use any tool of the software on your PC or online with ease, though I am not sure whether the Zipper Method is released on the website.

Wrap up…

The Zipper Method can be useful in many cases. When you want to merge PDFs by pages then simply use the software and merge any number of PDF files. The interface of the software is very handy and can generate low, good, and high quality PDFs as specified by you. So, if you are looking for a PDF merger with page by page merging option then you have come to the right place. Download the latest version of the software from the link above and get started.

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