Rotate GIF Online With These 5 Free Websites

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Here are 5 free websites to rotate GIF. These websites give you the feature to rotate animated GIF clockwise and/or counter-clockwise. You can add animated GIF from the desktop or rotate an online GIF by adding its URL. For rotating the animated GIF, you can set the angle to 180 degrees, 90, or 270 degrees.

Most of these websites have other interesting and a few unique options also. For example, you can set a custom angle (like 37, 45, etc.) for GIF rotation, save rotated GIF to Google Drive or Dropbox, resize animated GIF, crop GIF, add borders to GIF, and more.

Let’s start with the first free option to rotate GIF online.

Online GIF rotator by

Online GIF rotator

Online GIF rotator (Homepage) is one of my favorite website on this list. You can rotate as well as flip GIF online with a few mouse clicks. It supports 90° counter-clockwise, 90° clockwise, and 180° rotation. It supports both, online GIF as well GIF image stored on your PC. Also, the maximum GIF size supported for rotation as input is 35 MB, which is more than sufficient.

The unique feature that makes it better than other GIF rotator websites is you can set a custom angle to rotate your animated GIF. If the output doesn’t come as expected, then you can use “unoptimize gif” option. This will uncompress GIF (if it is already compressed) and then custom angle rotation feature should work properly.

Before saving the rotated GIF, you can also preview it. If you need to make some changes, simply set some other rotation angle and then save the output. For output GIF, it also shows its size, width n height, and the total number of frames available in it. So, pretty good options are available which make it a better website to rotate GIF online.

Online Image Editor

Online Image Editor

Like Online GIF rotator (mentioned above), Online Image Editor also provides the feature to rotate GIF as well flip it. The rotation angle for GIF can be set to clockwise 90 degrees, anticlockwise, or 270 degrees. The option to set an angle of your choice is also present but it corrupts GIF image. So, you should use preset angles only.

Apart from rotating GIF image, you can resize it, crop GIF, change it to greyscale, Sophia, black & white, etc., add a border to GIF, and do other things. So, it won’t be wrong to call it as an animated GIF suite.

Rotate animated GIF by GIFGIFs

GIFGIFs- Rotate GIF online

GIFGIFs also brings a useful tool to rotate GIF online. Here is the homepage of this online animated GIF rotator. It lets you rotate GIF to 90 degrees or 270 degrees. The feature to rotate GIF to custom angle is also present but it doesn’t give expected output. So, it is better to use 90 or 270 degrees rotation.

Apart from rotating the animated GIF, you can also flip it horizontally or vertically using this website. One more useful feature is you can preview the output GIF before you download it to PC. I guess this website has all the necessary features that we need to rotate GIF online. Therefore, it is good to try.



LunaPic is also a nice option to rotate GIF online. Upload an animated GIF and you can preview it in full size on its interface. There is a slider available that lets you set the rotation angle and a Rotate button to get the output. Though you can set any custom angle, you must set angle as 90, 270, or 180. Otherwise, the output won’t come as it should.

When the output is ready, use Save option or right-click context menu to download the rotated animated GIF to your PC.

This website can also be used to crop, resize, scale image, remove objects from photos, add annotations to image, add borders, different effects, etc.

Rotate image by website comes with a very simple GIF rotator feature. You can add an online animated GIF URL or upload it from PC. After that, you need to set the rotation angle (which must be 90, -90, 180, etc.) to get the proper output. Like many other online GIF rotators covered here, it also comes with the option to set some custom angle to rotate GIF but it doesn’t give expected output and GIF will be corrupted. So, you must set the angle to 90, -90, 270, or 180.

You can also use this website to flip an animated GIF or still image. When the output is ready, you have three options to download it. You can download the rotated GIF to Dropbox, PC, and Google Drive.

The Conclusion:

Here I close this list that contains very useful websites to rotate GIF online. If you need to rotate GIF to 90 degrees, 180, or 270 degrees, then all these GIF rotators are equally important. If you want to set a custom angle to rotate GIF, then the only website which helps in this is

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