Free Word Association Game with Artificial Intelligence: Semantris

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Semantris a part of Google’s AI experiments is a free website with a word association game with artificial intelligence (AI). You might have played a lot of word games, especially if you are a English enthusiast. In this game you are shown a collection of words. Now your task is to type a word related to one of the words shown on your screen. As soon as you do that the AI will look at all the words in the game play and choose the ones which can be closely associated with the word you entered.

How does AI do this word association?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) like any other computer program has to be taught to understand everyday language. For this purpose a lot of dialogues are input in to the computer, to teach it how a regular human conversation happens. Because of this input, the AI is able to make these word associations.

Let’s look at how this game is played.

When you open this games website, you will see that the game has two playing modes, arcade and blocks. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

Semantris Arcade is a fast game, where you have to be quick with your words. It all about speed in this game, so be as quick as possible. Type the words to remove the highlighted words from the board. Make sure that the stack of words does not reach the top of the board. Otherwise, it will be game over for you.

Semantris Blocks is a much relaxed game. Its like Tetris where blocks keep on falling from the top. But in this game you can only remove a block by entering a connecting word. Also, all the same colored connecting blocks will also be removed when you connect a word. In this game also you have to make sure that the blocks do not reach the top of the board, otherwise, its game over for you.

Let’s look at both these games modes in detail below.

Semantris Arcade

In this game, you have to find a related word to the highlighted word in blue. You have to type the word at the bottom and enter it. Then the game AI will find if it is related to the highlighted word. If you are able to move the highlighted word below the below line, then that word will be removed from the board and another word would be highlighted. Depending on the position the highlighted word is at, below the blue line, your score will be decided.

Like the highlighted word in the above screenshot is “Opera” and I typed “sing” as a connecting word. The AI sorted the list of words, and moved the words most related at the bottom. But my word did not make it below the blue line. So I tried again with the word “house”, this time it was moved below the blue line and was eliminated from the board.

You have to quickly keep on answering the highlighted words and make sure the stack of words does not reach the top of the board. At the end of the game you are shown your score and are given a chance to submit your score to the leaderboard.

Semantris Blocks

As mentioned above, this game is like Tetris. The blocks keep on falling from the top, but in this game mode, you can take your time to think and enter a related word. When you enter a word, then only more blocks fall from the top. Also remember that same colored blocks to the connecting word are all removed together if you enter the right word.


Sematris is a good word association game for all those who love the English language and are always looking out for a new way to challenge their vocabulary. The AI feature of this game makes it more interesting. The closest and most related word you can guess, the faster the AI will connect the two, earning you more points and position on the leaderboard.

Check out Semantris word association game with AI here.

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