7 Free Websites For Kids to Learn Algebra

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Today in this post, I will talk about 7 free websites for kids to learn algebra. We all know that how much kids hate studying especially if it’s Mathematics and that too Algebra. Even the name of algebra is enough to scare kids, let alone learning and solving problems. So, I’ve compiled a list of those websites which include various activities, games, test, quizzes, and various other things to make algebra learning a fun thing for your kids.

Some of these websites require you to sign-up for a free account to avail the advanced features while others provide all of the features with no specific requirement. So, let’s jump on to the listing of these websites and check out what each of them has to offer.

1. Algebra4Children:


Algebra4Children is a good and feature rich website to learn algebra for kids. The best thing about the website is that it has everything in a well categorized way. The categories are Quizzes, Games, Printables, Topics, Tests, Examples, and Resources. You can see that you can find out where to look for a particular thing by just reading the category name. You have to click on the category name and then you can start using the features. All the categories, no matter what you choose, are further categorized so that you can choose the best resources for your kid(s) which matches with their class and proficiency level.

2. CoolMath:


CoolMath website has two sections for you to explore topics of algebra for kids. These are: Algebra Help and Popular Topics. The Algebra Help has 25 topics which include Exponents, Radicals, Polynomials, Factoring Polynomials, Lines, Solving Quadratics, Matrices, etc.. Each of the topics has all those concepts which you should know about. For example: If you choose Factoring Polynomial, then you will find concepts like What’s a Factor Again?, Introduction to Trinomials, Harder Trinomials, etc.. All of these concepts are explained in an easy to understand language. You will find examples as well as diagrams making the understanding part easier.

3. Kids Online:

Kids Online

Kids Online is the third website in the list and it comes with a look similar to websites of early 90s. The website doesn’t have categories for you to explore, instead it shows all the information on a single page. The author the website has used the storytelling language to explain the concepts which will make you and your kids feel connected with him. After the long explanation of everything, the author has summarized all the important concepts into easy to remember points. These points also work as a quick reference material for you. At then end, there is a quiz based whatever you learned through the website. Your kids can take it to practice and put their knowledge to the test.

4. JamesBrennan.org:


The fourth website to learn algebra for kids is JamesBrennan.org. The website has a total of 9 chapter with each of them having multiple sections. You have to click on the particular section to know and learn about it in detail. For the selected section, the website explains in a well-structured manner. You will find different sub-sections related to the section chosen by you. All the things are framed in points and accompanies diagrams to help you grasp them easily.

5. MathWorksheets4Kids:


As the name suggests, the MathWorksheets4Kids website provides you with worksheets for practicing. All the worksheets are categorized on the basis of topic and concepts. Clicking on any of the topics or concepts will open the corresponding worksheet in PDF format. You can also download it if you want.

6. KS3 Bitesize Maths:

KS3 Bitesize Maths

KS3 Bitesize Maths is the website offered by BBC. This website has various sections which are covered by it. Some of them are: Introduction to formulas, More on formulas, Introduction to equations, Co-ordinates, Graphs, Number Patterns, etc. For each sections, there are 3 types of resources: Revise, Activity, and Test. You simply have to click on the particular link to access it.

7. Mathatube:


Mathatube is an easy to use and navigate website to learn algebra for kids. On the landing page, you will find the following 7 categories: Equations and Inequalities, Number Patterns, Number Sentence, Open Sentences, Order of Operations, Parenthesis, and Variables & Unknowns. Clicking on the category will take you to a new page where you will find all the details related to it.

These are 7 free websites for kids to learn algebra. Check them out and make the learning process easy and fun for your kids.

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