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Find A Lost Pet is a free website to recover lost pet. Using this website, you’ll be able to post details of your lost pet such that other users can help you recover your pet, by reporting to this website if they have any sighting of the pet. Apart from posting your own lost pet, you can also report if you see any pet that seems lost, in order to help the pet’s owner recover him or her. To post a lost pet, all you need to do is give the pet’s name, upload up to 3 photos of the pet, enter the breed, date of lost, description, last seen location of the pet, and specifics like the animal type, color, etc.

However, if you want to report a sighting of a lost pet, then you can take a picture of the pet and upload it on this website and also enter the location where you’ve seen the pet.

Another useful feature of this website is that it lets you find any lost pet near your current location, which will help you recover your own pet or report for others. You can also set alerts for newly added lost pets, weekly reminders for lost pets, email alerts when lost pets are found.

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Using “Find A Lost Pet” Website to Recover Lost Pet:

First, simply visit the homepage of Find A Lost Pet and register for an account to get started. Once you’re in, you’ll see two different buttons named, “Post Your Pet” and “Post a Sighting” and an “Add Alert” option on the main screen.


Let’s say you’ve lost your pet, then to post your lost pet on this website simply click on the “Post Your Pet” button. As soon as you do that, it will ask you enter few details about your pet such as pet’s name, last seen location of the pet, pet’s breed, date, specifics, etc. It will also ask you to upload up to 3 high-quality photos of your pet such that the photos can help others recognize your pet. When you’re done uploading photos and entering details, simply hit the “Post Yout Pet” button at the bottom of the screen.

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Now, all the other users of this website will be able to find your post and help you recover your pet by reporting a sighting.

Also, this website lets you be a good Samaritan and help others find their lost pets. You can do the same by reporting a sighting of any pet which seems lost to you. For this, you can capture some photos of the lost pet first, as you’ll need them while reporting a lost pet on this website.

To report a lost pet, simply go to your “Find A Lost Pet” account and click on the button “Post a Sighting”. After that, upload the photos you’ve captured of the lost pet and then enter the location where you’ve seen the pet.

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If you have the pet with you, then you can also write a description and feed your phone number or email id so that the pet’s owner can contact you.

At the top of the screen, there will be an option named, “Nearby Pet” using which you’ll be able to see if any lost pets near you location reported by others. You can also use the “Add Alert” option to get alerts for newly added lost pets, weekly reminders for pets those are still lost, and email alerts when any lost pet is found near your location. Alerts can come handy in case you’ve lost your pet.

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My Final Verdict:

After so long, I have finally come across a website which can actually help us recover our loving pets if they are lost. If you don’t have a pet or you haven’t lost one, then you can use this website to help others find their pets. Give it a try to recover your lost pet and also start helping people recover their own pets.

Try “Find A Lost Pet” from here.

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