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Faceblock is a free software to block Facebook website temporarily. I am sure if you are a Facebook user, sometimes you find yourself surfing through Facebook even if you have other engagements. Yes! Admit it, some or the other time you were an ardent Facebook user. With this software you can block Facebook temporarily in just few simple steps. It is an useful software for office goers who can’t achieve their target by wasting unnecessary time in Facebook or for parental control over their kids. The software is a simple solution for this.

Update (4-Jan-2016): This software seems to be no longer available. A free alternative that you can use is: Cold Turkey.

The interface is also very basic and a novice also won’t have problem accessing it.

Faceblock 01- block facebook websites

How to Block Facebook Website:

Blocking Facebook is a two step affair after downloading this software. As you can see from the above screenshot, you need to click on Block Facebook. Clicking on that you will get a message as to how long you want to block Facebook for. You have options from 1 minute to one hour which you can choose. There is also an OTHER option, which is not customizable. See the screenshot below to get an idea.

Faceblock 02- block facebook websites

After Clicking on Ok you will be get a message that Facebook is blocked and it will restart your browser. After that you won’t be able to access Facebook. When you will visit Facebook, the page won’t load.

However once the time limit is over, you will get a message that your Facebook has been unblocked and you can restart the browser. See the screenshot below to get a better idea.

Faceblock 03- block facebook websites

It is this simple to block Facebook with this software.

Installing Faceblock In Your System:

Installing Faceblock is very easy. Just refer to the link at the end of the article and download it. The download process is similar like any other installation. But you need to have Java installed in your computer or else the programme won’t run. So there would be a message when you click on downloads that whether you have Java installed or not. If not, you can download from there itself and then proceed. The installation wizard would come and it will be installed in your system successfully.

Features Of Faceblock:

  • Blocks Facebook through an easy process.
  • Free of cost.
  • Very lightweight (4.00 Kb)

Shortcomings Of Faceblock:

  • You cannot customize time according to your choice in the OTHER option which you will get while choosing the time limit.
  • There is no option to unblock if you want to before the time limit you have set.


Faceblock is a nice software for Facebook addicts as it will block your Facebook for some time. The shortcoming that you cannot unblock Facebook is also a good thing in a way that even if you feel like accessing Facebook, you cannot. However there should be options for customization of time according to your choice. Upon fixing this this software will become more user friendly.

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